Four Places You Can’t Miss While on Safaris in Zambia

The continent of Africa has always been rich in biodiversity, both in terms of flora and fauna. Among the many countries which have divided the continent’s rich wildlife among them, Zambia is one of the most popular tourist destinations, especially when it comes to Safaris.  This article aims to highlight some destinations within the country that one can’t afford to miss, especially if you are planning a safari.

Zambia, officially the Republic of Zambia is a landlocked country, bordered by the Democratic republic of Congo in the north, Tanzania in the north east, Malawi in the west and Zimbabwe and Botswana to the south. The Country which was formerly a British colony. However, since gaining its independence Zambia are now concentrating on opening its doors to tourists to come and enjoy the wildlife and the picturesque landscape. Zambia Safari tours are offered by a number of travel and tour agencies. Below are five sites one cannot afford to miss while on a Safari in Zambian. (Information credit –

  1. Liuwa Plain National Park: The Liuwa Plain National Park, located in the country’s western province, is a vast national park which houses a variety of large mammals and several hundred species of birds. Originally serving as a hunting ground the King of the local Lozi people, the site was turned into a national park in 1972. Some of the rare and enigmatic animals in the park are Blue wildebeest, cheetahs, spotted hyenas and lions.
  2. Bangweulu Swamps: The Bangweulu Swamps, located adjacent to the Lake Bangweulu in north-eastern Zambia, is a major wetland ecosystem in the country. The area which was designated as one of the world’s most important swamps by the Ramsar Convention and is a must see for avid bird watchers. Besides being home to several species of ducks, geese, herons, ibises, waders etc, there are also some unique plant life such as floating grasses, large swaths of reed and the miombo woodlands.
  3. The Upper and Lower Zambezi area: The Zambezi River is one of the biggest rivers in Africa, flowing through several countries such as Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique and Angola. The Upper and Lower areas of the Zambezi contain rich wildlife, both flora and fauna, as well as some major waterfalls such as the Victoria Falls, Chavuma Falls and Ngonya Falls.
  4. Kafue National Park: The Kafue National Park is the largest national park in Zambia, almost comparable to the size of Wales. It stretches across vast areas in Zambia’s North-western, central and Southern provinces. The area is known for being home to several species of Antelopes including Bushbucks, elands, Reedbucks, Grysboks, Defassa Waterbucks and Duikers to name a few.

Going on safari, especially in a country like Zambia, can be a memorable, almost life changing experience for some travellers. To make the most of any safari, be sure to select a reputed, reliable and experienced travel or tourist agency in order to guarantee an unforgettable experience.

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