Four Points to Check before Choosing a Hernia Surgeon

Do you know what a hernia is? Have you heard or known anybody who has had a hernia surgery? If yes, you might have always heard that hernias are usually painful and need to be treated by an experienced hernia surgeon. We hope that you always stay healthy and never have to experience the pain caused by a hernia, but it would be wise to schedule a consultation if you think you are experiencing underlying symptoms. This is important because hernias can cause severe discomfort and digestive complications. If you are experiencing hernia symptoms, schedule a consultation with an experienced hernia repair specialist.

Before you select a hernia surgeon Las Vegas for an evaluation or surgery, make sure to check the following things:

Board-Certified: Choose a hernia surgeon who has been approved and certified by the American Board of Surgery and American Board of Medical Specialties.

Contribution to the Medical Community: Choose a hernia surgeon who is actively involved in contributing to the medical community through research journal articles, attending medical conferences, or summits. You want to be sure your hernia surgeon is up to date with the most cutting edge treatment options.

Read Physician Reviews: It’s important to know and understand the experience other patient’s have had with their hernia surgeon before scheduling an appointment. This will provide insight to what you can expect from your visit and the quality care you will receive.

About Dr. Chanu Dasari:

Dr. Chanu Dasari is a board-certified general surgeon who performs minimally invasive treatments in Las Vegas. He is an esteemed member of several leading medical associations and has published medical articles in leading scientific journals. Dr. Dasari performs minimally invasive surgical procedures to treat umbilical hernias, inguinal hernias, sports hernias, and hiatal hernias.

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