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Corner Bronz: I want to go back to the Hawk after the end of the Saint Contract.

The Brandon Browner has not yet played for the New Orleans Saints, cheap jerseys from china but it is apparent that he will not let this fact hinder him after the end of the three-year contract with the saints.

Bronard Sunday participated in the charity Softball game held by Richard Sherman, and local reporters reported that Branda said that he would return to Seattle Hawks after the contract of the Saint-Saint.

Some new Orleans fans may not be happy to talk about Brownner’s career, is google jerseys legit but these people can’t even determine if the saints will also need Browna. Brownner will be 31 years old in August, which means that when he contracts in 2018, there will be 34 years old, there are many variables & mdash; & mdash; Brona’s performance, Saints wage hats, second line Defensive Quality & Mdash; & mdash; It is impossible to make the prediction.

This makes Brownner’s remarks more suitable as being treated in front of a pleasant July night and his front team, who is playing in front of his hometown, not just expressing a declaration that will go three years later.

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