Four Reasons to Buy a Portable Ultrasound Machine

Shopping for an ultrasound machine is a good option to consider. If you’re thinking about upgrading your diagnostic equipment, portable units should be high up on your list. Here are a few of the best reasons why you should make room in your budget for portable machines. 

Excellent Options 

When you look around the market, you’ll find plenty of excellent diagnostic tools. Take the Zonare ultrasound, for instance. It comes with dedicated features, making it a full-fledged x-ray machine but in a compact form. The small size means it doesn’t take up a lot of space. If you want to maximize every inch of space in your facility, then a portable unit is a smart addition to your lineup of diagnostic equipment. With options like this on the market, you’ll have an easy time finding the best x-ray machines for your needs and budget. 

Advanced Upgrades 

If you haven’t replaced any of your x-ray equipment in the last few years, then you’re missing out on the many features that new and better diagnostic machines have to offer. When you check out portable units, that’s the perfect time for you to go over units that offer advanced options for your needs. With better imaging quality, for instance, your staff will have an easier time making diagnoses and prescribing the right medication or dosage for your patients. Improved accuracy in the imaging quality also helps prevent any errors that could lead to a malpractice suit. 

Reduced Wait Times 

With traditional bulky x-ray machines, patients had to be moved to the room for the exam. That meant having to transfer the patient to and back to their beds, which took time and, in some cases, contributed to even more patient exhaustion. The long wait times also meant that treatment had to be delayed until doctors identified the cause of the problem. Investing in portable diagnostic machines addresses all those options. The portable equipment is easy to move around, so doctors can take it to see and examine patients without the need to transfer them around. That cuts down tremendously on the wait times. With mobile machines, you can speed up processing times for those results, so treatments can start as soon as possible, which also contributes to better care levels for patients. 

Better Focus 

Staff don’t need to fight over slots or schedules with your imaging equipment, so they can spend that time to focus more on their patients. With portable options that reduce a lot of the wait times and that give your staff more time to answer questions and interact with patients, you improve the level of service and care at your facility. With better engagement levels, you can boost patient satisfaction, leading to happier patients and improving the reputation of your practice. 

Buying Portable Options 

These are just some of the best reasons to invest in portable imaging equipment. If you’re shopping around for upgrades or replacements, consider refurbished machines. They help you save on costs while getting the units that fit your needs. 


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