Four Reasons Why You Should Start Using Non-Stick Cookware

Non-Stick Cookware

Earlier, people had to use a lot of oil or butter for cooking dishes that damaged their health eventually. It’s because a cup of oil or butter contains 1900 and 1600 calories respectively. A non-stick cookware set is a vessel for cooking that helps a person to cook with lesser amount of oil. The design of this vessel is such that it prevents the food from sticking. So, for breaded items or fried items, non-stick cookware offers a great advantage. As it requires less oil, people can make healthy food items and reduce their daily calorie intake by using these non-stick cookware sets. Else, this increased amount of calories may cause blockage to the heart arteries and lead a person to the deadliest disaster. Therefore, a simple step like shifting to non-stick cookware can be of immense help in the long run. Let’s take a look at the reasons why one should stick to using non-stick cookware,

Cook Healthy Dishes
In the case of any other regular cookware such as stainless steel, the use of less oil burns the food as it sticks to the Kadai. So, there’s a popular belief that foods, especially any delicacy, can’t be cooked without using oil. But, there are innumerable differences between non-stick cookware and stainless steel. In case people buy non-stick Kadai set, the same dish can be made using little to no oil. It’s because of the surface coating of aluminium on these Kadai which prevents the food from sticking to the Kadai. However, people should consider buying it from a reputable manufacturer as a poor coating of this Kadai can be harmful to one’s health when heated.

These are Scratch Resistant 
The regular Kadai or cookware sets aren’t scratch-resistant. So, earlier, people had to spend a significant time in their kitchen to get rid of these scratches after cooking. However, there’s a solid coating in non-stick Kadai which prevents any scratches. It’s extremely crucial to use the right spatulas and spoons while cooking on this non-stick Kadai. Else, it will damage the coating of these Kadai. So, it’s better to order the necessary spatulas or spoons when people order Kadai non stick. Also, it’s important to follow the best practices to increase the lifespan of a non-stick cookware.

It Requires Less Maintenance
The best part of using non-stick cookware is that it requires only little maintenance. Regular utensils generally absorb a lot of oil which makes it difficult for people to clean them. In today’s world, where people are caught up with other important activities, it’s difficult to clean the regular Kadai after cooking each time. But, one can enjoy the benefits of non-stick cookware as it requires less maintenance. As the coating prevents the food from sticking, it makes it easier to clean the Kadai.

It Distributes Heat Evenly
A uniform heat distribution helps people to cook their dishes faster. This means one can save their fuel by using non-stick cookware. Other than regular cookware, this Kadai help to cook food faster because of the uniform distribution of heat. These are the reasons why one should stick to non-stick cookware sets when it comes to cooking.

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