Four Types of Data Issues Tackled by Data Cleansing Tool

Most businesses these days have an enormous amount of information and data that helps them succeed. But this data will only be helpful if it is of high-quality. It is estimated that about 3.1 trillion dollars per year are the cost of operating on poor quality data in the US alone. So, you can see that meticulously organized data can be beneficial for any business helping them grow and preventing any losses. How can you achieve this enhanced quality of data? The short answer is by using data cleansing tools. Yes, that’s right! A data cleansing tool will help you organize the data and remove any irrelevant datasets to give concise and useful information.

We might have dedicated this article to explain the benefits of data cleansing tools but instead, we will focus on the types of data issues that such a tool can help you solve.

· Conflicting Data: A data cleansing tool will help you organize conflicting data. When you have the same record with different attributes such as a customer with two addresses creates conflicting data issues.

· Duplicate Data: This is the second type of data issue that a data cleansing tool will help you eradicate. As the name suggests, this issue occurs when you have 2 or more identical records.

· Invalid Data: A data cleansing tool will help you remove invalid data issues. Click here to know more about this issue.

· Incomplete Data: If the data has missing attributes, it is known as incomplete data and a cleansing tool can help you tackle this issue.

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