Four ways to build a satisfied clientele base for your beauty salon

Building a trusted and satisfied client base is all about giving them the best experience possible from entering your salon. They’re expecting pampering: so you’ll need to make sure your customer service, treatments, and beauty salon environment are all up to date.

When establishing good bonds with your clients, it is important that they feel comfortable before and during a treatment. To make a long-lasting impression, there are many factors to consider which will benefit or hinder the client’s overall experience.

The client’s comfort level may be the determining factor in whether or not they return to your spa to receive another treatment. From spa cleanliness to listening and achieving the client’s wants and needs, here are four things that will help ensure your clients’ comfort level:

  1. Set the mood

The clients go to spa and beauty salons to feel relaxed and pampered as soon as they walk in the door. Start your journey to a hundred percent client satisfaction by thinking about making your salon environment the best it can be. Scented incense sticks or candles can set a mood of peace straight away. A calming music in the background can help your customers feel more relaxed in your salon.

Think about the ways to use your extra space to create something aesthetically pleasing. For instance, you can decorate your waiting area in a way that client get impressed as soon as he/she enter. It’s an obligation that your salon should be spotless and clean too. Never underestimate the environment can affect your client’s experience, so making your salon look beautiful is your first step to a sparkling customer experience at your salon.

  1. Facial massage chair

The convenience of having a facial massage chair at your spa and salon is phenomenal. People go to a spa or salon on the weekend to get pampered and forgetting all their troubles and stress. There is something therapeutic and healing about that kind of relaxation.

A Facial massage chair enables the esthetician to perform better and provide the client with a satisfying facial experience. Since this chair comes with an adjustable headrest and height, it delivers maximum comfort to the client. Moreover, it is cushioned, so the client won’t feel numb while sitting in a position. Instead, they will enjoy the experience. The more they will enjoy, the more is good for your reputation out there.

Many different kinds of tables are available in the market, such as electric therapy chairs, esthetician beds, facial massage chairs, and many more. You will need to explore and find out which suits best to your needs.

  1. Get your staff on board.

There is nothing worse than a bad customer experience due to poor communication among employees. You will need to ensure that all your team follows the same guidelines for addressing customers, how to communicate with them, how to behave within your salon, and how to carry out specific treatments.

You want each of your employees to bring their unique personality into their job, but you also want your customers’ experience to be seamless. Remember that your client won’t just remember you and your passion, but the atmosphere and experience of your entire salon.

  1. Special offer for special clients

Got a few particularly reliable clients? Why not reward your regular customers with special offers to show them how much they mean to you. You could provide them a stamp card that means they’ll get their 8th treatment for free. You could give them a discount on particular products from your salon or provide them with money off their next treatment if they refer your services to a friend.

At the end of the day, everyone loves a discount. And with so many other salons that your clients could take their business to, it’s important to make sure your clients know how much you value them and their service in order to make sure they’ll come back again soon.


You might not realize it, but your attitude is infectious as the manager of your beauty salon. Come in moaning and groaning, and this will affect the whole atmosphere of your salon. But arrive at your salon with a smile and a positive attitude, and it’ll show in a friendlier and uplifting experience for your beauty salon clients.

It means they’ll have a better time in your salon and will be much more likely to return. So approach each day in your salon with a sunny outlook. You never know how it might affect the growth of your business.

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