Four Ways to Build Up Anticipation in Your Next Sex Session

Do you get to see your partner every day? Or maybe you live with them in the same apartment? Well, although this might be an ideal situation, it can drain the anticipation when it comes to sex. Yes, anticipation is one of the central ingredients of sex. And the more you build up the anticipation, the more hot and sweaty your next sex session will be. Now if you are thinking that we would suggest you and your partner live far away to build anticipation, then you are wrong! We would never suggest that! Instead, we will tell you some ways that will help you build the much-needed anticipation during your next sex session.

  • Lingerie: Yes, if you still haven’t, then you must shop erotics lingerie right away! This crucial piece of clothing will reveal your best features while hiding some creating the anticipation for a spicy bedroom session.
  • Get the handcuffs out: Try using handcuffs to induce the anticipation of touching your partner. This will stimulate you and result in a great session, a never-before experience.
  • Sex toys: “Oh yes! (Breathing heavily with ecstasy)” If this is the spine-chilling orgasm you are looking for, make sure to use sex toys. Whether it is a vibrator, a dildo, or anal beads, these sex toys are sure to send a titillating sensation to new areas on your body and give you a much-anticipated, hot, and satisfactory session.
  • Adult candy: Don’t forget to experiment with adult candy. Give a sensory stimulation to you or your partner’s body by eating the candy off.

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