Four Ways to Enjoy Tobacco

The discovery and early use of tobacco takes us back to early native South America. But not after the arrival of the Europeans in America did the use of tobacco spread across the world.

Tobacco had and still has other applications, as beverage, antiseptic or as skin paste, but it was mainly ingested through smoking.

Smoking is the most common means of consuming tobacco, and there are several styles you can try out to give yourself a premium treat.

I. Pipes

Pipes may seem pretty archaic, but they are still very much in use. Tobacco pipes remain a valued item in the collection of many elderly smokers and scholars. Initially, during the early 20th century, pipes were a symbol of power simply because they were common among people of influence in society. If you are a beginner, you may want to take a look at these tobacco pipes for sale.

II. Cigarettes

Cigarettes became popular after the Civil War. They are the most conventional tobacco products for smokers. By the 20th century, many people, both male and female adults, were already smoking commercial cigarettes. The cigarettes industry has seen some change. The invention of cigarette rolling machines like Top-O-Matic and Powermatic 2 ensures that you can now create your cigarette blend by yourself. All you need to roll your cigarettes is a cigarette machine, zig-zag papers and bugler tobacco.

III. Snuff

Snuff is a generic term for fine-ground smokeless tobacco. Although several herbal Snuff varieties are free of tobacco (like Smokey Mountain Snuff), snuffs were originally smokeless tobacco products. Many experienced tobacco smokers must have used snuffs at certain times, either occasionally or alongside smoke tobaccos.

IV. Bidis

Bidis are flavored cigarettes that are made out of low-quality tobacco. The low-quality tobacco is laced with chocolate, vanilla or strawberry flavors that produce a sweet scent of the smokes. People that use bidis are mostly American teens and Asians. This type of cigarette is an exciting product and is suitable for people who have worries over high tobacco intake.

Bottom Line

From using tobacco as a beverage to smoking it in pipes, as cigarettes, snuffs and bidis, smoking has even transitioned beyond the use of regular tobacco. Modern smoking trends such as vape pens, pots and hookahs promise to show smokers a safer way to treat themselves to a good time. Though it could be fun trying them out, tobacco remains unique in its own right.

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