Fourth of July Decorating Ideas for your Porch: DIY Bunting

Given the parades, fireworks, barbeques and more, it’s hardly a wonder why the Fourth of July remains one of your favorite holidays. If it’s your turn to issue an invite, then make sure your house is ready for when your friends and family come over. One project you can take on with minimal effort and a great deal of fun are DIY bunting flags. You can hang them out on your porch when you’re done. They’ll be creative and give your porch that festive and welcoming vibe. When your guests arrive, one look at those buntings will put them in the food to celebrate and have fun.

Experiment with patterns

You can use different patterns and shapes for each of the triangles. Put red stripes, blue stars, and a white background. Vary the designs. If you don’t excel at drawing figures, though, you can look for stencils online. Press down on a template then use a sponge to brush paint over them. Take off the stencils and assess the results.

Let them dry

Once you’re satisfied with the designs on the triangles, leave them to dry. After that, attach the triangles to the baker’s twine. For spacing, you may want to start putting them apart by about 6 to 8 inches. Adjust the distance according to your preference.

Pick the right shades

Anything red, blue, and white will all go together. Limit your décor options to this color palette. Putting in decors in violet, gold or green will only look out of place. Stick to the color palette.

Decorate with stickers

Another hack that you could try out with your porch decorations is to use stickers on the buntings, One Crazy Mom suggests. That’s a fun way to make the decors come alive.

Other ideas

  • Match them up

You aren’t done yet: your buntings may be finished, but you’ll want to decorate the rest of your porch. Why not keep it simple? Put up a proud display of outdoor American flags. That’s the perfect statement for the 4th of July. You can put striped pillows on the chairs on your porch. Shop for an outdoor flag and put it up in a corner of the space.

  • Don’t forget the door

When you decorate your porch, don’t forget about your front door, the Better Homes and Gardens says. How about using a flag or two? Check the guidelines for flag use in your state before you order those flags. Some have strict guidelines regarding the use of flags. Read them before you start decorating your home.

  • Explore other options

There is a wealth of patriotic crafts and home décor ideas that you can explore. For instance, you can hang watering cans on your porch in white, blue, and red. That will lend a rustic touch to the space. Fill up the cans with flowers. That’s a nice touch, one that you’ll want to leave on your porch year-round. You can also try out a clothespin wreath. Simply create a circle with a wreath frame. Put stars on the blue clothespins and then the rest of the frame, cover with alternating sections of white and red.

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