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Infineon #FP75R12KT4_B16
EconoPIM™ 3 1200 V, 75 A three phase PIM igbt module with fast TRENCHSTOP™ igbt4, Emitter Controlled 4 diode and NTC. Also available with Thermal Interface Material. The PIM (Power Integrated Modules) with integration of rectifier and brake chopper enables system cost savings. They are available in Econo 2 and Econo 3 housing and also available with Solder- or PressFIT pins.Summary of Features

Low stray inductance module design
High reliability and power density
Copper base plate for optimized heat spread
Solderable pins
Low switching losses
High switching frequency
RoHS-compliant modules

Compact module concept
Optimized customer’s development cycle time and cost
Configuration flexibility
Motor control and drives
Residential aircon – motor-, system control and monitoring Servo motor
1200 V 75 A PIM three phase input rectifier igbt module

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