FPV drone glasses DJI provide the best ever experience

FPV drone glasses DJI provides the best experience, watching wonderful scenery, captured by flying drones. With a wireless connection, goggles allows you to drive your drone on the ground and enjoy amazing panoramic views. If you want to know what else these goggles can offer you, take a look at the list of features below to help you understand why this epic technical masterpiece is worth a try.


1. High resolution

Goggles can perfectly replicate the drone’s record. They use two screens to provide a high-quality image for each eye, while the beam of the spectroscope helps the images not overlap or overlap, merging them seamlessly into one image. If you want better control of battery life, you can adjust the resolution. You can enjoy 720p and 1080 viewing at the same time, with up to four devices connected to the drone at the same time.

2. Wireless connection

No matter how far away the drone is from you, you can still enjoy high-quality transmission between the two devices as long as the wireless connection can recognize the signals from the distance. Even if the drone is flying behind you, you can get an image of it, thanks to its 360 degree coverage antenna, so you don’t have to rotate your entire body every time the drone turns.

3. Direct control with your head

When you put on your goggles, your head becomes the pilot controlling the movement of the drone. By turning your head left and right, you can have the drone do the same thing as your head tells you. The same headmaster allows you to control the movement of the camera mounted on the drone. To stop the drone or camera from turning, you have to straighten your head.

Of course, you don’t have to use your head to control the drone all the time. All you need to do is bring your friends and use the remote control to control the device so that you can enjoy a panoramic view without thinking about anything else.

4. Long time operation

The battery life of drone glasses DJI can reach 6 hours. No matter what the definition of a camera is or what the flight mode is, you will have a lot of time to explore the surrounding area and capture a once-in-a-lifetime view.

5. Intelligent Flight Mode

There are many intelligent flight modes for drones, which let you experience various ways to take videos and photos. The most popular models include:

Fixed wing

By activating this mode, you can make the drone fly like an airplane. The drone will not immediately turn left and right, on the contrary, the process of turning is slow and stable, keeping forward while tilting the drone slightly. This model is great for filmmakers because it allows you to capture video of a movie, just like it was taken from an airplane.

Active tracking

This mode enables you to track moving targets, such as cars, boats, people or animals that are running. The motion freezing system keeps moving objects permanently, helping you see them clearly through goggles and taking pictures when the objects don’t seem to be moving. In active tracking mode, you can fly behind or in front of the target, recording from any angle you want.


This mode gives you the opportunity to take steady pictures by slowing down the speed of the FPV and letting it hang almost in the air rather than moving. By holding the drone above a location, you can explore the details of that location through a lot of shooting.

Where to find the glasses of FPV drone?

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