FreeTTS: Natural Voice Text to Speech System Online

There is a very basic question that you need to have an answer for; can you tell us what do you prefer more, reading a book or hearing the audio version of it? While some might say that reading is better, some, looking at the technology and the development around, would say that audio books are more interesting. You must have heard from your peers that many people use TTS online free platform to convert their written speech into an audio that the audience can listen. This is because an audio is always more impactful than a written version. So, if you are looking forward to get help from such a platform to convert a written text into an MP3 audio, then you should check out FreeTTS.

Free TTS is a leading platform on the Internet that can help you in converting text in different languages and speech. There are samples of natural voice overs that you can hear to decide in which voice or text speech you want the mp3 audio to be in. There is a list of all the text and speech languages that the system supports at FreeTTS. You can try for free by simply copying the text and pasting it to the box on the website. Next, you have to select the language and the option of voice over and hit the start button for the processing. Once the conversion is complete, the audio file will be available on the website, which you can play and download. FreeTTS has a powerful engine that takes minimum time to convert long text into speech.

This text to speech mp3 platform is 100% safe and free. Free TTS is a super easy and fast online tool that can make your work ten times easier. You don’t have to create any account or have to apply for any subscription to access the tool; it is open for all and is free of cost. The free version has limitations, but if you want to check the other premium packages for converting text to speech, you can see the basic, premium and professional packages offered by FreeTTS. All features that each plan support including its price is mentioned clearly on the website. So, explore the options that FreeTTS offers and start utilizing its great benefits.

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