French doors to separate your rooms

French doors are also called double doors or European Windows.

Its name, as is logical, indicates its origin. This type of door started to be used in France in the 16th and 17th centuries. They arose from the need to make as much light as possible to illuminate the rooms of the palaces and the houses.
Over time, they came veritably popular in the countries of the center and north, where there are smaller daylight hours in the cold months.

The design of the Vinyl Windows is the result of the architectural principles of the Renaissance, very popular in France and in numerous parts of Europe at that moment.

The advantages of French doors

Available in PVC, wood, or aluminum, French doors are very preferred. With that classic style, the aesthetic result is guaranteed, but this design offers other advantages as well.

French doors are synonymous with light and fineness.
– Thanks to its great opening capacity, the transition between the sundeck or garden area and the interior part of the home is more fluid.
– Being equipped with draft- resistant sealing systems as well as glazing & profiles, they retain heat in the home
– With small exceptions, French doors always open outwards. That will ensure full use of the interior space.

Differences with patio doors

There are some subtle differences between French doors and traditional patio or sundeck doors. Both have large glass panels and are used in access to exterior areas of the house. There are some differences comparing one to another.

Differences between patio or sundeck doors and French doors

Patio doors are generally sliding. The French doors, on the other hand, are folding, and always towards the outside.
– French doors are wider and, in numerous cases, contain grid patterns. U is a classic resource but it is extremely elegant.
– In addition, the French door has glazed panels or glass walls on both sides, which reinforces the interior lighting.
– French doors can also work well as a separating element between different rooms.



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