French Earl Grey Tea

Spice Zen’s French Earl Grey Tea is a hand-blended, loose leaf tea using our premium organic Ceylon Tea (OP1 grade), Hibiscus, Rose petals, vibrant sapphire blue Cornflower petals, real Bergamot rind and Bergamot oil. The Ceylon tea base, blended with pretty, perfumed petals, play with the citrus notes of Bergamot rind and oil in this black tea blend to emit a scent of something mystifying and romantic.

This premium tea blend is a visual and sensory delight, scattered with the bright blues, purple-reds and pinks of Blue Cornflower, Hibiscus and Rose Petals. This classic French Earl Grey is unlike commercial versions that only use bergamot oil (no rind) and substitute Lavender for Blue Cornflower.

Once brewed, the tea produces a light-bodied, aromatic beverage that introduces malty, smoky notes of premium Ceylon and the slightly tart, cranberry-like taste of hibiscus, coming to a sweet end thanks to delicate bergamot, rose petals and blue cornflower. Infuser Tea

Enjoy this tea at any time of the day. Perfect for pampering guests over an afternoon tea or as a post-dessert beverage.

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