Frequently Asked Questions about Watch Winders

To most watch lovers DUKWIN is a popular name as one of the distinguished manufacture and marketer of global standard watches namely Rolex, Omega, Hublot, Patek Philippe, etc. However, beyond just selling these branded watches, they are more recognized as manufacturer of watch winders. No matter, whether you are familiar with the name of watch winders or not, they have become a staple to almost all house holder. The basic reason that its advanced mechanism is intended for keeping your quartz watches seamlessly operational even if they are not used for months of years.

In a press conference the CEO of the company says, ‘We are delighted that more and more people are opting for DUKWIN watch winders to keep their quartz watches operational when they do not use them. He continues, ‘unfortunately, many people are not fully aware of the mechanism of watch winders and how it works or whether it can be beneficial for them. He says,’ I will discuss about all those queries that come to your mind here’

According to his version, typically the weight in the automatic watch rotates during the time the water is worn and thereby spins the winding mechanism which lies in the watch. Thereby, naturally, when you are not wearing the watch, it will not more get the input or power the way the get and is going to stop after a few day. Using a winder to store your watch does not mean that they will over wind the watch. This is because all auto watches are having a special kind of mainspring will not perform in a different way. Most automatic watch box winders are equipped with some kind of timers, and thus they are operating for some specific time. When in rest, they against start their operation. Thereby, basically the need of keeping the watch is motion for 24 hours is unimportant.

So, if you have a query in your mind that having a watch winder is important for you, then you need to note that as long as you are owner of a multiple automatic watch, outfitting you with a winder makes sense. One of the primary advantages of winder this will keep your watch running timely and always ready to wear, whenever you are require wearing it. It also take care of the date/ day functionality of your watch and you don’t need to reset those after a few days when you plan to wear it.

One more question that arises in people’s mind is that whether storing the watches on large watch winder can damage them. The question doesn’t arise. In fact millions of people across the world today employ watch winders due to the reason that they help increase the durability of the watches that keep them well functional.

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