Frequently Asked Truck Accident Questions

There are thousands of trucks sharing the road with passenger vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians every day. Because of their size and weight, they pose a danger to other road users. When an accident eventually occurs, victims and their loved ones are usually at a loss on what to do.

However, we’ll address some frequently asked truck accident questions to help you understand what actions to take after an accident.

What Kind of Vehicles Qualify as a Truck? Trucks are heavy vehicles, meant primarily for transporting goods. Generally, they include semi-trucks, 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, dump trucks, flatbed trucks, tow trucks, delivery trucks, cement trucks, and other large freight trucks. While most are commercial vehicles, some may be private-owned.

Are Truck Accident Lawsuits Different From Other Vehicle Accident Claims? Truck accident lawsuits are more complex than cases involving other vehicles for the following reasons:

● Due to their enormous size, the injuries resulting from their collision with other vehicles are usually more catastrophic.

● State and federal regulations guide the trucking industry, and drivers and their employees must abide by them. During a truck accident lawsuit, will consider these factors before assigning liability.

● Often, truck accident lawsuits have multiple defendants, which is less common with car accident lawsuits.

Who’s Liable in a Truck Accident? Depending on the investigation’s result, one or more parties may be found liable for a victim’s injuries. Responsible parties can include the truck driver, trucking company, cargo owner, truck mechanic, and truck, or parts manufacturer. Your Auto Injury Attorney Lancaster, PA, can help you determine who’s liable in your case.

If I’m in a Truck Accident What Should I do? Your first set of actions should be to assess the accident scene, report to the police, and seek medical help. The next major step is to consult with a lawyer. Truck accident cases are complex, and only top Lancaster PA accident attorneys who specialize in handling such cases can help victims. A lawyer at Georgelis Injury Law Firm will guide you on the next steps to take.

If I Share Fault Can I Still Recover Damages? It’ll depend on the degree of your fault. Pennsylvania practices the law of comparative negligence, which makes each party liable to their degree of contribution to an accident. If your portion of the liability is less than 51%, your total compensation will be less than your percentage of contribution. However, if you share more than 50% blame, you may not get any benefits.

Conclusion If you’re a victim of any truck accident, contact us at Georgelis Injury Law Firm for a consultation. We’re expert tractor-trailer, 18-wheeler, and semi truck accident Lawyers Lancaster County, PA, working hard to get our clients the compensation they deserve.

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