Friends Reunion Episode Might Air on HBO Max in August

Friends are one classic sitcom that has garnered a massive fan base across the decades, and it keeps growing even after it has been 16 years since the final episode aired. Friends star David Schwimmer recently announced that they are anticipating an HBO Max Friends Reunion. HBO Max had plans to include the special reunion episode in their May launches. However, the platform had to put the filming on hold because of the ongoing Corona pandemic.

The show followed the lives of Monica Geller (Courteney Cox), Chandler Bing(Matthew Perry), Joey Tribianni (Matt LeBlanc), Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston), Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) and Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) and their failed attempts at adulthood. The show took us through a journey of their jobs, relationships, family, breakups, deaths, confusions and fun. The finale ended on a very positive note that gave all the fans the closure they deserved. However, since then, the fans still wonder how their favorite group of friends are doing behind that purple door and yellow peephole of Monica’s apartment. Netflix hosted the show for the audience to watch till 2019, but HBO Max bought the screening rights to all of the ten seasons of the show. The purpose of the reunion episode was to pull in the Friends fans, but before the plans could materialize, the pandemic hit.

David Schwimmer played a character of a dorky paleontologist Ross on the show, who was loved and adored by the masses. He spoke to AP Entertainment regarding the status of the reunion special. He openly expressed his love and gratitude that the show was still gaining fans years after the final episode (this is mainly because every few years, a new generation discovers the show and thus the number of fans rise).  However, Schwimmer also stated that the reunion special may or may not happen this August, depending upon the circumstances then. It would most definitely be wise for the Friends cast to ensure that they reunite when it’s safer to do so.

Maybe this extra time may let the cast and writers Marta Kauffman and David Crane come together and script an actual episode, for old times’ sake. That would draw in an even more substantial amount of audience for HBO Max. But if the cast and crew decide against it, that would be justified too because it may not be a great idea to tarnish the great memory of the last episode that we all. Scripting a new episode will be a huge gamble that may backfire if it is not pulled off correctly.

A new episode or not, the fans are stoked at the announcement and cannot wait for what is in store for them next month. Schwimmer also noted that the original plan for the reunion special was to have a live audience present in the studio, but the current situation has led that scenario improbable.  The reunion may be put on hold right now, but the fans know it is worth the wait.

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