FRP Pipes: Advantage and Features


What does a FRP actually mean?

FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Plastics) is a polyester material that consists of a structure and additional fibre material for strength. A strong, chemically resistant, and abrasion-resistant thermoset polymer is frequently used to make the backbone. Mechanical strength, on the other hand, is usually insufficient.

Leading supplier, manufacturer, and retailer of FRP pipes in the country

D Chel Oil & Gas is India’s most leading FRP pipe manufacturer, supplier, and dealer. It’s commonly seen on oil rigs and in the construction business. Due to its mechanical strength, flexibility of setup, and portability, FRP pipe has a long useful life and requires little maintenance. Sewage and wastewater from residential and business properties must be collected and transported by it. Our FRP pipe may be used in a variety of soil and weather conditions. When put under extreme conditions, they can withstand high temperatures and pressures. FRP pipe is utilised in many different applications, including as power plants, irrigation systems, gas plants, and chemical facilities. They are frequently regarded as the most effective commodity alternatives available to the petrochemical sector. We are the top FRP pipe suppliers in India.

Features of FRP Pipe

Corrosion Resistance

FRP is created by combining glass fibre with polyester resin. FRP is a non-corrosive polymer that is resistant to chemicals and weather.

Low Thermal & Electrical Inductivity

Because of their superior thermal insulating properties, FRP pipes do not require external heating to maintain a constant temperature within the pipe. FRP does not require cathodic security.

Hydraulic Efficiency

With a smooth inside surface, FRP has a high “c” rating, allowing it to convey a high flow at a low frictional head loss, lowering pumping costs and conserving energy.


Other materials have a higher strength-to-weight ratio than FRP. Because it is built of 1/10 P.S.C., 1/5 steel, and 1/8 C.I., it is lightweight. As a result, FRP is simple to install, administer, modify, and repair.


FRP may be accurately rendered in accordance with the laws of forces guiding the construction of pipes that will come into contact with potable water and foodstuffs thanks to filament winding processing methods combined with polymerization and vaporisation procedures.

Advantage of FRP Pipe

  • They can be used by water supply industries or portable water systems.
  • They are used by the sewage industry due to their corrosion-resistant properties.
  • They are also used by chemical and fertiliser plants to regulate the flow of liquid.
  • They are taken as the best choice for offshore production of oil.

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