Fruits Basket: Yuki’s Struggle to Make Peace with His Past

The penultimate episode of Fruit Basket, Season 2 consolidates the arc of this year and encapsulates the emotional growth of Yuki. The opening scenes are portrayed from the perspective of Machi and continue outlining her feelings for Yuki, which are growing with time. Machi is a mirror for seeing Yuki’s emotional growth since she is precisely the type of person Yuki used to be at the start of the series. She makes Yuki’s development easier to understand, and even little acts of kindness from him brighten her whole outlook, which gives the penultimate episode a sanguine start which soon turns dark.

The despair and darkness involve the Sohmas’ New Year banquet. Since Kyo and Rin won’t be attending it for their reasons, so those two will have to be with Kazuma during the part. Although Yuki avoids going there, he has decided to join for the first time since he left Akito. The head of the family uses his chance to embarrass Yuki by speaking about forgiving him for insubordination.

This is another one of Akito’s tricks to humiliate Yuki, but he is not going to let go of such insult and turns the table on him by offering forgiveness in return. Yuki shows her strength by not tolerating such sick tricks that are meant to demean him. He already has faced innumerable problems because of Akito, Kyo and his mom that at this point, he just can’t take any more blame for other people’s wrongs. He has been able to make peace with himself over the last two years by working on his internal conflicts. In this sense, forgiving Akito is not meant to make amends with his abuser but instead to ensure his own peace by moving on.

But unfortunately for Yuki, moving on and forgiving everything is not something Akito wants to do. So, he responds violently and hits Yuki in the face with a vase. He then starts demanding an apology for daring to even think of making peace with his past. Yuki does not fight back and apologizes, but it is obvious now that the rest of the family is absolutely done with Akito as they understand Yuki’s feelings. But Yuki’s act of defiance was not the only one; there were small acts of resistance from others as well. Like Hatsuharu took out time to finally meet Rin, Ayame came in support of his brother, and Kureno got the DVD of Cinderella-ish from Momiji.

Interestingly there was one Shoma who seemed to have been on Akito’s side, but it turns out it was just a case of mistranslation. Crunchyroll’s subtitles have Shigue saying that Akito should teach a lesson but in fact what he really said was Akito needs to learn a lesson. This means that no one was in Akito’s support, which is logical since he has been disrespectful and abusive towards everyone for a long time now. With the penultimate episode portraying a much more matured and stronger Yuki, it seems that soon he will be able to make peace with his troubled past and live a more peaceful life that he deserves.

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