Fssai Arrange Eat Right India NATIONAL QUIZ LEAGUE (Season One)

What Is Fssai?

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), has been established under Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 which consolidates various Acts & Orders which have hitherto handled food related issues. The FSSAI has been produced for setting down science-based criteria for articles of food and also to regulate their production, storage, supply, sale and import to ensure the availability of safe and wholesome food for human consumption. Among the mandates of FSSAI to promote general awareness about food security and nutrition. Fssai License

Purpose Of Quiz:

‘Eat Right India’ motion intends to guarantee health and well-being of individuals by encouraging safe, wholesome, sustainable and healthy diets using mindful eating habits via coordinated multi-sectoral strategy.  Given that food habits are formed early in life and hard to change afterward; concentrate on Eat Right India is on young people, so, college is a clear spot for actions.  Using food as a pedagogical tool can be quite powerful in this aspect.    This aggressive quiz is to raise knowledge and awareness on food security and nutrition.  This would also encourage students to inculcate right eating habits and could give a boost into the Eat Right @School initiative to get long-term involvement of universities with Eat Right India motion throughout the nation. This nation-wide initiative is going to be implemented through a thoughtfully curated series of quiz competitions from college level to national level.  A blend of online, on earth and live events could be utilized.  Services of renowned quiz masters could be used.  They’d bring their abundant quizzing experience and enthusiasm to this programme.  From the initial year, ERI.NQL are in English only and limited to 50 cities, in following decades, this could be extended into the districts and ran in Hindi and other languages too. Food License Cost

Who Can Participate?

All students in partnering schools are invited to participate in three categories:

Sub Junior (Grade 3rd to 5th)

Junior (Grade 6th – 8th)

Senior (Grade 9th – 12th)

How Will The Quiz Work?

Level 1: School Level (in 50 identified cities) tentative time : April-May, 2020.

Sample test papers will be shared online to prepare for the quiz.

  • The online rounds would last for 2 weeks
  • Each student can attempt the quiz twice in a week. The best score will be taken into account.
  • Each attempt will consist of 50 multiple choice questions split into 3 difficulty levels

(Easy, Medium and Tough)

  • Points will be given based on accuracy and speed (time bonus for answering faster)
  • In each school, the two top-scoring students in each category will be selected to form a team that will represent the school at the City Level.

Level 2: City Level – 50 cities. Tentative Time : July-August 2020

Each city with 10 schools

  • In each City Level contest, a cluster of 10 schools will gather to compete at a single venue for each category.
  • 10 teams will appear for the written/online preliminaries in each city
  • The preliminaries will consist of 30 questions to be answered in 30 minutes
  • The top 6 teams will qualify for the on stage city finale
  • The finale will consist of 5 live rounds (may include multimedia driven rounds including MCQ, Visual rounds, Buzzer rounds)
  • In the Zonal contest, one team per cluster from each category will emerge.

Level 3: Zone level – 4 Zones

(To be held in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata) September 2020 In the Zone Level contest, the City winners from the Region will gather at the zonal venue & compete to get to the National Level for each category. Boarding and lodging for zonal contest for participants would be provided.

  • The Zonal Rounds will consist of 2 zonal semi-finals and 1 zonal final
  • The Zonal Semi Finals will be of 4 live rounds (may include fast paced rounds in the buzzer and rapid fire format)
  • The top 3 from each Zonal Semi Final will qualify for the Zonal Final
  • The Zonal Final will consist of 6 rounds
  • The top 2 from the Zonal Final would qualify for the National Semi Finals
  • The Zonal Semi Finals and Finals may be part of an Eat Right Mela weekend, where the Semi Finals take place on a Saturday and the Finals on Sunday, with the weekend having other interactive games, keynote address, panel discussions, paper presentations etc.

Level 4 _ Grand National Finale (at New Delhi) October 2020

This will happen at the Capital on a prefix date and the zones will compete with each other to get the Final Cup for each category.

  • 2 National Semi-Finals of 5 live rounds each
  • The top 2 from each National Semi Final qualify for the Grand Finale
  • The Grand Finale would be atleast 7 live rounds
  • The winner will be crowned the Eat Right Quiz Champion 2020
  • The zones & the national quiz will be covered & broadcasted on Television in a renowned channel.

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