What are the Complications That Arise with a Hair Transplant?

Once you start noticing hair loss, all you wish for is a miracle that would turn back the problem. You may test so many hair loss remedies but in vain. Then, you realize there is a miracle in a hair transplant. FUE hair transplant is the safest medical procedure you can have to restore your lost hair. But, there are a few problems that may arise during and after the surgery. However, this should not scare you since they are rare cases. In most cases, the complications are manageable. Let us look into them.


Fue hair transplant takes around 5 hours. It is quite a time to keep your body in a lying position. Thus, if you wake up immediately after the surgery, you may lose consciousness. This condition is known as syncope.


Hair transplant involves micro-incisions. In rare cases, the patient may experience bleeding after the surgery. To stop the bleeding, one should apply mild pressure for about 20 minutes. However, you should be gentle to avoid displacing the grafts.


Between three weeks and two months after the surgery, you’ll experience some major shedding. It may break your heart at first. However, this is a stage that every fue hair transplant patient must go through. It shows that the follicles are getting ready to grow new and healthy hair.


The doctor gets hair grafts from the back of your head. They leave some tiny wounds where they extract the follicles. When the wounds heal, you are left with some tiny scars in the donor area. However, the scars are not alarming since the hair grows and covers them.

Temporary Swelling

For 3-5 days after the surgery, a patient can experience swelling on the forehead and around the eyes. Sometimes, the swelling can descend to the nose area. It’s thought that the swelling happens due to the solution the doctors use during the surgery. You can sleep with your head slightly lifted to allow blood to flow freely downwards. Also, you may use a forehead massage or ice park to prevent or reduce the swelling.


This condition is rare. Its major cause is hygiene-related. To avoid any case of infection, select your surgery clinic wisely. In the worst cases, a patient may experience cysts.


This is the most common condition that happens after surgery. Itching occurs when the donor site or the recipient site is in the recovery process. However, avoid scratching as it may cause swelling and infections.


The complications that arise from fue hair transplant are minor. It is only under unfortunate conditions you may find yourself with cases like cysts. However, all the other complications disappear after a short time.

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