Full Body Massage Chair in India

PU Leather Recliner Massage Chair from HomCom is designed for relaxing comfortably in style. With a 360-degree swivel and beautiful design, it is an ultimate massage recliner chair adorning your living room. It relaxes your muscles and relieves pain and stiffness apart from giving you a comfortable sitting.

A heating function is included in the waist area to warm and soothes the body aches as you sit and recline in this massage chair. Moreover, this HomCom product is designed with four vibrating massage motors targeting 4 zones in the upper and lower back, thighs, and calves which you can use at the same time for full-body relaxation or you can use a particular vibrating motor to relax the corresponding body part.

Lay back, recline or sit comfortably in this massage recliner chair to relax your stressed muscle after long strenuous work in your office. Fitted with PU leather with an extra thick sponge inside and heated nodes, this incredibly high-class chair gives respite to your tired never, sore muscles and stiffness in the body. Relieve your upper back, lumbar, thighs, and legs by boosting your blood circulation just relaxing in this heated massage chair.

With adjustable backrest reclines and leg rest, you can lay back for complete body relaxation. Equipped with all such relaxation points, this chair is undeniably the Best Massage Chair in India.

Besides, letting you focus on four areas of your body, this wonderful chair from HomCom allows you to set a high or low speed in each area. Also, there are also five modes to let choose a preset message. Add this stylish and comfortable recliner lounge to your living room to subdue your body pain while getting a massage in its heating nodes. Furthermore, two cup holders are provided in the handle of the chair to allow you to place a drink as you relax.

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