Fullmetal Alchemist: The Death of Every Homunculi

The credit of Fullmetal Alchemist’s success is often given to its strong storyline; although this is not inaccurate, it would be wrong to overlook its strong antagonists who play a crucial role as well. The seven deadly homunculi who work to fulfil the wishes of Father are all born of Philosopher’s stone. All of them are an embodiment of human vices, which also reflects in their abilities and mindset. Since they were villains, so just like in every other story, they also see their end in the course of the story. However, their death is a very accurate representation of the vices that they were born from. So, let’s have an overlook of how the most dangerous villains of Fullmetal Alchemist died in the cult-classic anime.


Lust was a woman who used Ultimate Spear as her weapon. While fighting Roy Mustang and Jean, she tried to dispatch both of them and then focused her attention on getting to Riza Hawkeye. However, Roy Mustang was able to survive her attack, and he led a ferocious counter-attack on Lust after drawing a transmutation circle on his hand. Lust was not able to withstand his flame alchemy as she was burnt to cinders. As she was dying, Lust was mesmerized by the determination of Roy Mustang, who was extremely disappointed in himself for letting his friends down.


Greed did not only die just once but twice on the show. Once when he refused to cooperate with Father and turned his back on him, he was melted into a Philosopher’s stone by Father. The second time he died was even more heroic as he sacrificed himself and died for the greater good. He had succeeded in weakening Father, while he was fighting in Prince Ling Yao’s body. His sacrifice came after he had spent some time with human beings and had come to the conclusion that love mattered much more than power. So, to keep his friends safe, he gave up his life even though he was a homunculus.


Envy’s story was quite intriguing because even if he acted superior to humans and looked arrogant, but deep inside, he envied them. He wanted the unity and strength of spirit that humans had, which he never found while living with the homunculi who were mostly cold-blooded killers with no emotional ties to each other. Even though Homunculi were much more powerful, the human beings had hope, families, friends and an indomitable spirit which made them much more capable than their physical bodies allowed. On the Promised Day, he realized that decades of planning to turn humans against each other has failed, so he gave them an opportunity to prove that their way of life was right. Before dying, he tore out Philosopher’s Stone as he finally gave up looking down on human beings.


To fulfil Father’s grand wishes, Sloth had dug up the entire transmutation circle around Amestris on his own. On the Promised Day, he fought alongside Father as his bodyguard. The giant homunculus gave a very tough fight to Alex, and Olivier Armstrong but the brothers proved to be too good for him. When Izumi Curtis and Sig finally reached where they were fighting, the homunculus was already dead.


Wrath was the only human homunculus who fought for Father. He was an ordinary man who was later infused with the Philosopher’s Stone. He might look old, but he had tremendous fight skills and instinct. He could easily overpower any skilled alchemist. On the Promised Day, because of his extraordinary talents, he was able to fight several heroes, but he was finally defeated when he fought with Scar. While he was dying, he seemed very satisfied with his life and what he had achieved. He had no regrets and was happy that he had married Mrs Bradley. Even though his life had been full of hatred and deception, he died quite peacefully.


Gluttony was not a very intelligent Homunculus, but still, he was quite powerful and played a crucial role in some of the plans laid by Father. However, when one overlooks his life, it is hard to ignore that most of the time, he was just a tool and rarely did anything on his own. In the fight against Lan Fan, Edward and others in the Dark Forest, he was unable to make any significant contribution. This irked Pride who was fighting alongside him. As Pride grew impatient, he finally swallowed Gluttony which gave him all his powers. Ultimately, even in his death, Gluttony proved to be just a tool like he had always been throughout his life.


Although every homunculus was unique, Pride was much more impressive than the other six homunculi. When all the other homunculi were killed, he was the only one who survived the Promised Day. When Edward confronted him, he was able to destroy his shadowy body and reduced him to a tiny newborn. Edward was surprised to see his true form, and even though he can fit in his palms, Edward decided not to destroy him. In one of the epilogue scenes, we see Pride is reborn as Salim Bradley, but he is much younger than he used to be. It appears Pride does not have the memory of his past or any powers that he used to have. Even though he has the circular mark on his forehead, he was no longer a danger to others.

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