Fully Managed E-Commerce Website

Are you looking for lead generation on your estate agency platform? The below-listed five features will transform your website into a digital powerhouse.

  1. Visually Appealing & Engaging User Interface:

38% of individuals will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is not appealing, so every page on an managed website services should be aesthetics in mind. From website content to the placement of CTA’s – all functioning in tandem to create an engaging UI that does not lose its leads within a “boring” experience.

At The Fully Managed Website, we are specialists in estate agency web design and have launched many highly engaging websites and optimised them to deliver on lead generation. From content architecture to strategic CTA position, we can create visually appealing pages that drive leads to conversions.

  1. Quick Loading Speeds:

39% of individuals will quit the website if the images do not load or take too long to load. Optimising the content loading time and page loading time plays a crucial role in generating leads that aren’t lost to competitors. The best-performing websites have impressive load times through efficient hosting services, compressing non-essential imagery and much more.

About the lead-generating website, we understand that high performance is crucial! Whether through server optimization with better hosting solutions or leveraging browser caches to reduce load times for repeat customers – our website development team is dedicated to delivering a digital infrastructure that pushes for efficiency.

  1. Cross-Device Optimization:

As indicated by Google, 53% of visitors abandon the websites, if the loading time is more than 3 sec. Considering that nowadays a significant part of the online searches takes place through mobile, it has become more significant, than before for estate agency websites to guarantee their digital experience doesn’t falter.

The Fully Managed Website designed websites are lead-gen efficient – regardless of the device. Achieving consistency through any dynamic website designs that rebuild duplicate content to guarantee the best possible experience is constantly delivered for small business website builders. Calls to action are strategically repositioning and guiding leads towards conversions.

  1. Having A Robust CRM Database

Understanding your leads is a resource for any estate agency through collecting data, any estate agency can experience exponential growth.

Estate agencies should point towards making a smooth data funnel between lead-actions initiated and their database. Such data lends to a higher ROI in the future promotion and can directly target customer profiling as you have access to knowledge of your lead’s needs in the property business.

The Fully Managed Website stay focused and informed on the latest CRM integrations. Such integrations offer advantages, for example, up-to-date property listings and spot registration of customer details – based on the interests taken in a property. Information that awards estate agents the ability to adapt and offer customer experience.

  1. Case-Studies: Social and SEO Proofing

Case studies and reviews act as social proofing, highlighting an estate agency’s quality help to leads – which positively impacts conversion rates. They are also proof to search engines of your website’s credibility. User-generated content that fits your website’s profile highlights in Google, precisely what your website offers – which helps SEO rankings.

An average website that implements case studies, reviews and testimonials experiences a 45% increase in traffic compared with websites that do not have it. We understand the significance of reviews when developing an estate agency website. We make it a focus of our own to implement a digital structure that actively highlights reviews to website visitors.

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