Fun Activities to Keep Beginners Engaged for Tennis Lessons in Burlingame

People hate the word ‘lesson’, whether related to studies, games, or human behavior. It works to teach something as an example to those who don’t like these activities, which sounds good. Though Tennis lessons are fun and engaging, they shouldn’t be treated as a lesson but as a fun game that holds many fun activities, engagement, and competition.

One of the most incredible things about this game is that it encourages people to develop skills like cardio, muscle coordination, mental toughness, enhanced reflexes, life skills, etc. In this game, there is more than just hitting the ball over the net, like getting to know the mind of people by learning from the Tennis Lessons in Burlingame.

So, rather than taking it as a lesson, here are some fun ways to improve the game and allow the students to get competitive.

1. Easy 1,2,3

This is a game for beginners who need consistency in the game while setting goals. For this, a player needs to stand on the opposite side of the service line and then hit the ball back and forth. Beginners should practice it by hitting the ball on the net after every shot. One should set goals to hit five times and then ten times, and then twenty in a row. It builds confidence in a player and motivates him to perform better.

2. Target practice

This is another fun game for beginners as well. Once a beginner is done taking multiple shots at a time, one should hit a particular target. Please set up a specific spot in the court and then try hitting it with the ball. Beginners will find it challenging to hit the target initially, but with practice, they’ll gradually improve their chances of hitting the target in a row.

3. Catch me if you can

While learning hitting and target practice, a player stands still, but it doesn’t work throughout the game. To complete this cardio drill, one person stands with a racket on one side of the court, and on the other side, another player stands with multiple balls and hand-feeds the first player. When the player hits the ball, the feeder catches the ball in the air or after the first bounce.

This procedure is repeated many times, and then both players switch places. It is thus one of the most incredible games of Tennis Lessons near me to improve your mental, visual, and physical strength.

4. The crab soccer game

In this fun activity for kids, each player should be in a crab-like position by keeping their hands/feet on the ground and they’re back facing towards the floor. Players should move like a crab keeping their bodies off the floor. Introduce a tennis ball to use as a football that the kids can pass between them.

This activity builds strength and improves coordination as one moves in unusual ways to get results. This is also one great exercise for building muscles around the trunk. There are other similar activities and Tennis Lessons for Kids and Adults for improved performance.

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