Fun Learning Activities and Lesson Plans for Kindergarten

Did you know the average five-year-old child can focus on a task for approximately 10 to 25 minutes? This time varies depending on the type of task, the time of the day and other variables. A literacy or reading lesson can go for anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes in the classroom, and we expect our students to remain concentrated and focused the entire time. This is much more difficult for younger students than older ones. Effective teachers know they need to adapt lessons to cater for their student’s needs.

This doesn’t mean simply teaching a lesson quickly in half the amount of time. Instead, using effective strategies to ensure we can increase our student’s attention span to learn and retain information and skills. The most effective way to ensure our students pay attention is by teaching engaging lessons that children enjoy. This can be achieved by carefully selecting fun learning activities that underpin specific skills and concepts.

The Resources for Teaching Website has plenty of useful materials. If you’re searching for an enjoyable and engaging lesson plan for English, look no further. They have plenty of lessons, task cards, worksheets and booklets that will save you valuable time and your students will love using. Here are some of their most popular English resources used by teachers across Australia and around the world:


Another effective strategy is “attention breaks” or “brain breaks”. If you can see your students are becoming fidgety and cannot sit still, it’s time to pause the lesson. Encourage everybody to get out of their seats and move their bodies. Play a game of Simon Says, Follow the Leader or do some simple stretches. This will help your kids focus and be more productive for the rest of the lesson.

If you teach children in Pre-K, it’s helpful to use a preschool lesson planner and templates to prepare for upcoming lessons and activities during the week. Learning resources are essential for childcare and preschool students to engage in role-play, write, read, understand basic maths and develop essential social skills. Visit the Resources for Teaching website now: for plenty of downloadable classroom resources that are easy to incorporate into your lessons!

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