Fundamental And Advanced Features To Consider For Uber Like App Development

Taxi booking apps have become the conventional means of booking rides. People often use these apps to go from one place to another. Uber is one of the popular apps that comes under the taxi booking apps category. According to CrunchBase, the company is valued at $242 billion and experts believe the number is going to rise in the coming years. There is huge scope for Uber-like app development in the taxi industry. If you have the apt business strategies and marketing strategies there is no one to stop you from climbing the ladders of success. Here are some of the popular features to be included in Uber-like app:

Fundamental features and advanced that enable quick ride booking

Geolocation feature: Using this feature riders can know the current status of their vehicle using the in-app map.

Push Notifications: Users are updated on the ride status such as driver connected, arrival status, etc., through push notifications.

In-app payments: There are several secure payment gateways to choose from such as credit card, debit card, PayTM, UPI, etc., At present, it would be advisable to avoid direct cash payment to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

Ratings and reviews: Users have the option to select the driver based on their reviews given by fellow users.

SOS(for emergency): If the riders are facing emergency situations then they can click the SOS option to call their emergency contact.

Driver Details: Assigned driver details are present in this tab along with OTP for verification.

Share your trip: Users can share the trip with the friends & family to track the ride. Share your trip comes under security aspects for the app.

Appdupe Uber-like app for taxi has all the above-mentioned features. Entrepreneurs can get the feature-filled clone app and launch it without any hassle in major platforms. Visit our website to know more about these clone app solutions.

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