Fundamental Differences Between Leased Line And Broadband Connection

This article is dedicated to understanding some of the key differences between leased line and broadband connection.

There are a wide array of fundamental differences between broadband and leased line internet connectivity. These differences can be traced back to the core and fundamental differences between the tech which is being used in each case.

In the case of broadband connection, in most of the cases it will be delivered or provided to you by ISP. ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. It is important to understand that ‘broad-band’ is an umbrella category or umbrella term wherein numerous sub-types of broadband services are included. A cabinet is used in the connection network which is typically in your street or someplace nearby.

The cabinets are typically less visible and are painted inconspicuously in greens or greys (of shades of the same). You will be able to spot them upon closer inspection. From the cabinet, a cable will run into your house or your business establishment which enables the facilitation of the broadband connection.

Then we have the leased line where things are a bit different, in the sense that you can cut the middleman. In this case, the internet connection is not facilitated via a street cabinet. In this case, it is rather an easy process, wherein you are directly provided with the connection. There is no question of a middleman or the cabinet box facilitation. If you are looking for leased line broadband connection, consider ICN Internet.

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