Furniture Buying and Care Guide – Get Quality Furniture for Home

Furniture matters a lot in defining the comfort and style of a space, be it a home or office. From chairs and tables to couches and beds, choosing quality products makes a lot of difference. And, particularly for a business space, you can create a powerful impression among your clients with the right furniture.

Functionality, style, and quality are the three characteristics that you need to look for before buying the Hooker furniture collection. And the challenge here is how to do that right. So, to help you with the hassle, here’s a guide to finding high-quality furniture.

Start with the Right Wood

Primarily, wood furniture uses these three types of wood, solid wood, wood veneer, and laminate wood.

  • Solid Wood: Solid wood refers to furniture that uses natural wood’s single species to craft the product. It features durability, beauty, and natural appearance, and is repairable when damaged. You can choose a desired style or color to stain a solid wood. However, you need to take extra care of this wood to prevent cracking or splitting. And this wood is expensive.
  • Wood Veneer: Tables, desk, shelves, and other high-quality office furniture usually uses wood veneer. To make a wood veneer, thin hardwood slices are glued onto plywood, particle board, or medium-density fiberboard panels. Compared to solid wood, wood veneer is cheaper, lighter, and more resistant to cracking and warping. Moreover, it can be eco-friendly for reusing wood dust and conserving hardwood plus it takes less manufacturing time. Contrarily, it’s less durable and brings limited finishing options to the table.
  • Laminate: For laminate, particle board, or another composite wood with a synthetic cover gives the appearance of the wood grain. It features easy care, affordability, and functionality, which makes it a great choice for budget-friendly applications. But this one’s the least customizable and durable material among the three.

The Leather Grades

Using high-quality leather makes furniture durable, functional, and beautiful but not all leathers are equally durable. Leather is used after splitting into layers and the choice of layer defines its grade.

  • Full Grain: It’s the outer layer that carries irregularities and imperfections as it isn’t sanded and comes with scars and blemishes. Full-grain leather can’t be ripped, is tough, and retains the most dense-packed fibers. It’s also the most durable and expensive leather grade.
  • Corrected Grain: Another form of the cow hide’s outer layer, this one has been sanded and buffed on both sides. It’s made uniform and smooth with pigmentation that removes water and provides water resistance. Although less durable than full-grain leather, it’s still a good option depending on the application.
  • Split Grain: This leather type uses the hide’s bottom layer and doesn’t have any grain. Split grain leather is the least costly option and isn’t as long-lasting and durable as the above two options.
  • Bonded: This leather type uses leather fibers and scraps that are taken from the hide’s bottom part and pulverized into pulp. Then, a polyurethane backing is used to bond them. Bonded leather isn’t long-lasting and not even 100% leather but a budget-friendly option suitable for various applications.

Solid Construction Quality

In addition to the materials, the construction quality of the Hooker Bed Furniture Set also matters. Look for how a piece is held together, look at the underside and backside, open the drawers, and remove cushion covers. Avoid furniture using staples, glue, or nails for joints. Prefer furniture with joined corners using dovetail, dowels, or mortise-and-tenon as these can hold more weight and are sturdier.

For drawers, make sure that they easily roll out and don’t close themselves until you push them. Also, check the drawers for a stopping block that prevents them from being pulled too far. Knobs and handles are other areas to be checked.

Buying Furniture – Online vs Offline

There is a lot of difference in how one does online and offline shopping. When buying offline, you can see and feel the product and physically check for the factors mentioned above. But you can’t do that when buying Hooker Furniture Collection online.

You can still verify if it’s a quality product when shopping through a website. Carefully read the product descriptions and scan for the terms mentioned above. However, if you can’t find many details, you can always get in touch with the seller for details. A reputed brand will never ignore such requests and always ensure its buyers get the best.

Few Tips on Taking Proper Care of Furniture

Buying quality furniture is just the beginning. You will be using it for years and to make it retain its shine and luster, proper care is essential. Here are a few tips that can help you make yours last longer and endure basic wear and tear better.

  • Heat can damage the leather and wood by making them go dry. So, place furniture far from direct sunlight and heating vents.
  • While polish may give your furniture a better appearance, you should avoid it. Polishes leave a residue that makes the surface go dull. Wiping with a damp cloth weekly is a better alternative.
  • Don’t let people set hot drinks on your furniture’s wood finishes. Instead, use coasters to give them a better base for the cups or mugs.
  • For cleaning the leather, use a commercial leather cleaner or a gentle non-detergent soap. And for upholstery, vacuum it regularly.


To conclude, choosing the right and taking proper care gives you furniture that adds a powerful statement to your place. Look for quality materials and construction to spot the best Hooker bed furniture set. And follow furniture care tips to make it last.

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