FUT Hair Transplant or FUE Hair Transplant – Which Is Better?

hair transplant in delhi
Hair transplant is a simple procedure. It is chosen to provide treat hair loss by covering the bald area. This procedure is performed by taking out a certain number of hair roots from the donor area. The hair roots are then planted at the bald area.

The procedure use the hair roots extracted from the back and sides of the head. Other body areas can also be used as donor sites like chest, axilla, beard etc.

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Methods of hair transplant

The major steps in hair transplant include the extraction of the hair roots from the donor area and the transplantation of these hair roots at the bald area. There are 2 methods available to extract the hair roots. They are described as follows:

  1. FUT hair transplant: This method uses a strip of skin from the donor area. The removed strip is cut into pieces to extract each hair root. The donor area is closed with sutures. One the hair roots are separated; they are planted at the bald area.
  2. FUE hair transplant:In this method, each hair root is extracted one by one from the donor area. The hair root is pulled with the help of a punch device. The extracted hair roots are then planted at the bald area.

Which method is better?

Both the hair transplant methods provide good outcomes. Each method is indicated in certain case. The method is chosen by the doctor during the consult. The decision is based on the situation of hair loss. Both the methods could provide best results if the procedure is performed under right hands.

FUT hair transplant is more used in advanced bald cases. This method could produce around 3000 – 3500 hair roots. FUE hair transplant is used for facial hair transplant or early hair loss. This method could extract around 2000 – 2500 hair roots.

When there is need of more than 4000 hair roots then combination method is preferred. There are many advantages of FUT method over FUE. The benefits of FUT methods are explained as follows:

  • Larger bald area can be treated:

With this method, the doctor could provide a large number of hair roots. These hair roots could provide good hair growth even in advanced cases. In addition, with this method the donor area can be preserved for the future. Around 3000 – 3500 hair roots can be extracted using this method. FUE hair transplant cannot be chosen for high level baldness. This method could only produce around 2000 – 2500 hair roots. This method is suitable to treat facial hair loss.

  • No need of completely shaving the head:

FUT hair transplant can be performed with no shaving of the treated area. But for performing FUE method shaving the area is necessary. The treated are can be easily hidden due to hair in FUT method. This is not possible with FUE.

  • Less damage to hair roots:

The hair roots in FUT is extracted from the strip under microscope. It gives better visibility to take out the hair roots properly. This decrease the damage to the hair roots. In FUE method, the hair roots are extracted one by one by inserting a punch. The damage could be high as the doctor assumes the location of the hair root.

  • Future sessions are possible: The hair loss can progress even after a hair transplant. The planted hair would stay for lifetime but the existing hair could shed. FUT method use a small area for removing the strip. The donor area can be preserved for the future sittings. The FUE method uses a large area for extraction. The hair roots are plucked one by one from a greater distance. Thus, it is not suitable method when future visits can be expected.

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