Future of IPL has decided

The coronavirus pandemic has affected everything not only in the country but also across the globe. Several sports event has been postponed which included the 13th edition of the IPL as well. The BCCI pushed back its start from March 31 to April 15 due to the outbreak of pandemic coronavirus. However, they believe that it can still be played if things come under control by April end and the first game can take place by the first week of May.

A BCCI official further said that while it looks very difficult now to predict the fate of the IPL, they can think a pattern when the tournament was taken out to South Africa. But for that, the first match need to be played by the first week of May.

“The latest we can wait is till the end of April. If the first game isn’t played by the first week of May then it will be almost impossible to have the league this year. Even if we have to wait till end of April to follow all the procedures, we can take a cue from the South Africa edition and conduct the league successfully. If you remember, that was the shortest IPL with 59 games played over 37 days and we can do the same. But certain measures will have to be taken,” the official added.

However, the official again said that logistics could pose an issue and so the tournament should be played in a state like Maharashtra as it has four international stadiums available as well.

The official further explained, “You cannot travel around the country in such a scenario. If we get the necessary permissions, we will have to stick to a place like Maharashtra where we have three stadiums in Mumbai and a stadium in Pune.”

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