Gain an insight into the fondest toe ring designs popular among women

Toe rings make an integral part of wedding jewellery and accessory in India. It is a symbol of unity between a man and a woman who are about to commence their blissful journey of marriage. Present-day, one can find a myriad of variations of toe rings made of varied metals. Throughout the country and among different cultures, the designs of this wonderful accessory are offered in varied forms. They not only happen to be a fantastic accessory worn by women but also are known to have many health benefits. So, herein let’s gain a sneak-peek into why are toe rings prominent and what are they known as in different cultures.

What are Toe rings?

Toe rings are accessories worn on the toe. It was also used as a symbol of women being married apart from the mangalsutra. The husbands put it into the second town of the bride at the time of the wedding. It is called jodvi, bicchiyya or metti in different cultures. However, often it is the silver toe ring variant which is popularly worn by women.

Advantage of Toe rings

The silver foot ring is supposed to have a lot of health benefits. Made of silver it helps in maintaining the blood pressure as well as is known to strengthen the uterus of women. Also, the style quotient of toe rings cannot be overlooked which adds to the essence of one’s appearance.

Evolution of Toe rings

The designs of toe rings have evolved over the years. The metti designs or toe ring designs have transformed over the years crafted in various metals and carvings. The most prominent ones are gold toe rings which are novel as well as uniquely exotic. They render the wearer a unique stand and grace which is beatific and splendid in appearance.

Stone studded toe rings

Another popular toe ring design in comparison to yesteryear’s simpler design is stone studded toe rings. If you are wary of your toe size, you can go on to purchase adjustable toe rings online which are not only comfortable but also wondrous to look at.

Where can you buy them?

With technology, it is very easy to purchase accessories online. You can now get silver toe rings online India with a varied range of design variation and choice to pick from.

Moreover, toe rings also come in modern designs including butterfly toe rings, floral toe rings, etc. which are earning prominence across the globe.

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