Gaining MCIOB through a Chartered Membership Programme


What is MCIOB?

The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), first established in 1834, have the vision of “improving quality of life for users and creators of our built environment.” They aim to push forward innovative ideas as well as driving professional standards throughout the industry. They use their leverage to influence political decisions and strengthen talent globally. In order to help them achieve these goals the CIOB have introduced their membership scheme. This enables individuals from around the globe to join as MCIOB or FCIOB to help work towards the mission statement the CIOB have introduced.


MCIOB expected values

In order to join such a prestigious membership scheme there are certain criteria that must be met. As well as this anyone becoming MCIOB or FCIOB is required to uphold a number of values. These values are something the CIOB pride themselves on, and failure to demonstrate these values can result in termination of membership.


The four values of MCIOB and FCIOB

Firstly, a member is expected to show a degree of professionalism. Members should champion high standards and professional ethics at all times. Secondly, a member needs to demonstrate integrity. Any member of the CIOB should strive for fairness and equity within their practice. Next any MCIOB and FCIOB should always pursue the highest standards. Showing their excellence at all possible opportunities. Lastly, a member needs to show respect. There should be a consistent consideration of your impact on your fellow teammates and the environment.


How to become an MCIOB

The first stage of membership is to become MCIOB, following that you can progress to FCIOB, but this relies heavily on experience and qualifications. The most popular membership is MCIOB, and there are multiple ways of joining. There are 3 key pathways you can take when looking to join, each dependant on your own personal history. First there is the professional review, then the professional development programme and finally there is the chartered membership programme. The route you need to take will rely on your previous experience and qualifications.


Can you become MCIOB without previous professional qualifications?

If you want to apply via the professional review or professional development programme you will need to have previous qualifications. However, if you do not already have qualifications in a relevant field all is not lost. The Chartered Membership Programme is available for anyone looking to apply without academic qualifications. In order to be suitable for this pathway all you need have is a minimum of 5 years construction management experience. If you do not have 5 years you may also join with a HND, HNC or a Level 4 Site Management Qualification.


MCIOB Chartered Membership Programme (CMP)

This is an ideal method of entry for construction professionals with experience within the field. They can use this method to help work towards becoming a full chartered member. The course comes with a structured study plan that is specifically designed to help experienced professionals demonstrate their existing abilities. The course contains 4 modules that cover the key elements of MCIOB. Upon completion of the course you can then progress to your professional review.


MCIOB CMP modules

Firstly you will study construction technology. This will help the innovative mind and help drive the progression of the construction industry. Then you will learn management skills. These will help support your professionalism and help you strive for excellence within yourself and your team. You will also be taught about the construction business environment. Giving you a deeper understanding of the workings of the business from a behind the scenes point of view. Finally, you will cover health, safety and welfare. All very important topics when working in the construction industry.


Taking a MCIOB Chartered Membership Programme

There are plenty of opportunities available for you should you wish to enrol in the CMP. Listing MCIOB next to your name can mean increased opportunities and enhanced respect within the industry. Therefore, multiple companies offer courses that can help you along this journey. One of which is the College of Contract Management. With a worldwide database they are able to assist anyone looking to become MCIOB on a global basis. Furthermore, their delivery method is innovative, using live online calls to deliver the content allowing you to speak directly with your lecturers. Moreover, their courses are delivered at a time that is convenient to the full-time worker. Lectures are delivered outside of working hours enabling you to continue your full time employment.


If you are looking to start your journey to MCIOB, I would suggest looking into studying beforehand or using courses like that on offer with the College of Contract Management. They can help guide you through your application process and offer support and motivation. Moreover, the College of Contract Management offer a coaching service that continues to support you through your professional review. With support and motivation from experienced professionals you are much more likely to pass your application with flying colours.


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