Galarian Weezing Counters in Pokémon Go

Galarian Weezing is a fairy and poison type four-star raid boss in Pokémon Go that has added new dimensions to the game. It has made the game more thrilling and exciting because it requires a couple of fellow trainers to help you to win against these counters. The Galarian Weezing is quite weak against the ground, psychic, and steel type Pokémon. You will require several counters such as Gallade, Excadrill, etc. to combat and win. However, being the particular regional variant of the Gen 1 Pokémon Weezing, it is not so impressive.

It does not have an adequate move pool even though it’s utility can’t be denied, and you should know the tactics to beat it. Once you know about the adequate move sets then it will be easy for you to track down, combat and beat the counters. Galarian Weezing is actually making the game more breathtaking and enchanting.

How to beat Galarian Weezing?

You can try the following move sets to beat Galarian Weezing which is a fairy and poison type counters and so choosing the right Pokémon to beat Galarian Weezing is essential. You can easily track and raid by using some useful move sets which are the following:-

  • Mewtwo can be helpful with Psycho Cut, and Psycho strikes even if you are lacking in the legacy moves and want to ensure your victory. However, among some other steps, Confusion and psychic can also be the right choice.
  • The steel and Psychic Pokémon Metagross, which often appears in the guide of raid counters has incredible staying power and effectiveness due to its powerful Meteor Mash, and Bullet Punch move sets can easily crush Galarian Weezing.
  • A Jirachi with the practical move sets of Confusion and doom desire is a mythical Pokémon but still can beat Galarian Weezing however a player can use only one of this kind of Pokémon.
  • Dialga has a metal claw and iron head which is helpful to stand against Galarian Weezing for long, but it does not have the STAB benefit from the steel type move sets.
  • Excadrill with Mud slap and drill run can stand against Galarian Weezing and resist it moves as it is a premier ground type attacker who is quite weak against overheat.
  • A Latios which has the excellent move sets like Zen Headbutt and psychic also can stand against the Galarian Weezing.

Other potential Pokémon to counter Galarian Weezing

  • Celebi, a mythical psychic and Grass Pokémon are vulnerable to the bug, ice, poison, dark, ghost, and bug but have the most reliable move sets such as Confusion and Psychic which are useful to counter Galarian Weezing in Gyms.
  • AlakaZam with Confusion is very much stronger when it comes to counter Galarian Weezing however quite weak against dark and ghost.
  • Espeon can learn future sight and counter with fighting and poison type Pokémon, which includes Gengar or Mechamp.
  • Regigigas with Zen Headbutt and psychic move sets are equally deadly when it comes to beat and counter Galarian Weezing as it has impressive stats and Zen Headbutt helps suppress the fighting type counters of Rigigigas.

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