Game will be located within the World of Warcraft universe

More details on the new expansion aren’t available as of now, with Blizzard in an announcement on its blog that they’re “excited to share with you the work we’ve been doing and what you’ll be able to go in WoTLK Gold will take you next.”

The final portion of the final raid for this game’s Shadowlands expansion, known as the Sepulcher of the First Ones which will be available on in March. Blizzard hasn’t allowed players to experience the final battles of the raid in the game’s test realm, so boss mechanics and information about the story (including clues as to what the story’s plot will continue) aren’t yet clear.

Based on previous comments from Blizzard fans have speculated that the next expansion could bring players to Azeroth after the cosmic-afterlife adventure of Shadowlands. Usually, the game’s next expansion is announced well before the end of the raid in the current expansion, since Blizzard typically announces new content at their annually held BlizzCon gathering in November. In 2021, however, there was an event called BlizzConline event, and there was a similar scheduled for 2022’s beginning. The event didn’t come be, and this year’s BlizzCon being cancelled for a variety of reasons like the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic as well as recent sexual discrimination and harassment lawsuits. Blizzard has announced that it will not be taking the time normally allocated to organizing the event to instead envision the future of the event.

Mobile versions of the Blizzard buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold game has been in development for some time since. The specifics of what it will include is not clear, however Blizzard has made the crucial distinction that the game will be located within the World of Warcraft universe but isn’t directly connected with World of Warcraft proper.

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