Gear You’ll Need for Regular Boat Maintenance



Boats need frequent maintenance to keep the operating components in optimal condition. Regular maintenance can help you identify issues early on before they cause significant damage that involves costly repairs. At Wholesaler Elite, we provide a wide range of boat parts and maintenance supplies. If you own a boat, a fully-equipped maintenance kit can assist you with routine maintenance and repairs. Here is some of the best gear to have on hand for regular boat maintenance:

1. Digital Battery Monitor

As boat batteries age, they can become less reliable. A digital battery monitor can track the charge on your battery and alert you when your battery needs a charge. Keeping an eye on your digital battery monitor can improve the overall performance of your battery and keep you informed on its status. Digital battery monitors are typically easy to install and provide you with a stronger sense of your battery’s health. These tools are affordable and useful. You can review our range of monitors to find the best model for your boat.

2. Portable Battery Charger

In the case of an emergency battery failure, it’s good to plan ahead by bringing a portable battery charger. Portable battery chargers work much like their non-portable counterparts, but you can take them out on the water with you. With a portable battery charger, you can stay out on the water longer and be prepared for battery problems wherever they occur. Wholesaler Elite provides premium quality battery chargers and several portable models to choose from. As you search for a portable battery charger, check the voltage and size to make sure it’s the right fit for your boat.

3. Face Spanner Wrench

Face spanner wrenches are useful for various maintenance tasks around your boat. Most importantly, they can assist you in accessing deck plates for repairs or servicing. The face spanner wrench tool can reduce the effort needed to pry tight joints and lift plates. Look for face spanner wrenches made of high-quality materials like bronze and stainless steel. These may last longer than those made with lower quality materials.

Investing in a face spanner wrench gives you a long-lasting tool designed to make your boat maintenance and repairs easier. At Wholesaler Elite, we have quality wrenches from reputable manufacturers. Our inventory features tools specifically designed for boats.

4. Oil Change Pump

Regular oil changes are one of the best ways to prevent damage to your engine and keep your boat running smoothly. Running an engine with old oil, especially oil that has sat in your boat’s engine during the off-season, can cause major engine problems and even engine failure. An oil change pump makes changing your boat’s oil more efficient, saving you time in the process.

Oil pumps quickly remove old oil from the engine so you can start the refill process before going out on the water. Even if you aren’t changing the oil, it’s advisable to check your oil before big outings and top off your tank if necessary. At Wholesaler Elite, we have several models of oil change pumps to choose from. As you search for the right fit, check the size of your boat and its oil tank. Browse the options we have available and select the pump that’s the right size for your boat.

5. Multitools

Multitools come in different styles and are versatile devices you can use to accomplish many tasks. They may include features like a rope cutter, bottle opener, marlinspike, can opener, small blade, paint scrapper, zip puller, and more. Multitools with a sleek, foldable design made with sturdy materials are easy to use and carry with you anywhere. A multitool can assist with boat repairs, painting, daily tasks, and DIY maintenance activities.

Wholesaler Elite has many multitool options with different features to choose from. You can review the available tools to find functionalities that will benefit your voyages. Multitools are easy to carry with you anywhere and helpful in a wide variety of situations.

6. Marine Toolbox

A multitool can’t contain every useful tool, which is why it can be helpful to take a
sailing toolbox along with you. A sailing toolbox features a collection of primary tools for day-to-day repairs or quick fixes.

What you add to your toolbox is up to you, but we’d recommend taking along tools like screwdrivers, needle-nose pliers, rigging tape, cable ties, spare rope, grease, and flashlights. Wholesaler Elite has premium tools for sale, along with boxes or bags to store your tools safely and conveniently. Whether you’re seeking ropes and lines, navigation lights, or silicone sealants, our store has what you need. With a fully-stocked toolbox, you’ll be prepared for any repair or maintenance task.

Premium Boat Parts and Maintenance Gear

As a boat owner, having access to gear like multitools, oil pumps, and battery chargers can save time and keep your boat in better shape. At Wholesaler Elite, you can find quality boat parts and maintenance tools to keep your vessel in top condition.

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