Gears Tactics: A Smart Turn-Based Strategy Game Focused on Aggression, Speed and Violence

“Gear Tactics is a Great Game to try While Working Remotely”

Gears of Wars developed by Splash Damage and The Coalition was introduced on Xbox series gaming consoles. Now, the iconic shooter game of Xbox is all set to launch its next big release, which can be arrived in April end for PCs along with Xbox One. The developers include Splash Damage, and The Coalition of the upcoming game has introduced a new set of strategies called Gear Tactics in Gears of Wars. Gears Tactics is the first release of a non-shooter in the series of Gears of Wars since the release of Gears Pop, which was a mobile game. The recent announcement of introducing Gears Tactics is going to be a significant change in the strategy for the Gears of Wars franchise. Here is an overview of the new change in the game strategy.

What are Gears Tactics is all about?

Gears Tactics has been developed by the expert game developers of Splash Damage, which is the Gears 5 multiplayer studio in collaboration with The Coalition, the developer of primary series. It is a single-player game reflecting turn-based strategies. The release of the game on PCs could be seen as the willingness of Microsoft to extend the reach of the game several other gaming consoles and PCs beyond the traditional home of the game. The turn-based strategy into the game is an attempt to enter the game into a new market. It is quite clear that PC is the most preferred choice for many of the players for playing any video game, and the launch of Gears Tactics with massive accessibility and graphical options for the PCs could be an attempt to address such gaps. The developers described the game as intense, more open, and faster than the other games based on strategies available in the market. As the players could also view themselves that they can search the maps freely with each turn with the help of three actions includes shooting, moving, or killing the enemies instead of moving from one square to another.

In the new strategy genre, the game has two campaigning sections and a boss battle, which is an epic one along with bloody executions filled with a lot of bloodsheds. The players are going to see the return of chainsaw of Lancer and other muscled and big bosses everywhere in the plot of the game. Apart from these, the plot of the game has been set in several destroyed towns and cities with exceptional gloomy and dark visuals. The players will get several holes popping up from the devastated cities with a large number of foes and rivals coming out. The players will meet the brand new enemy in the Gears Universe i.e., the Disciple. Now, after innovating so profoundly in the strategies of the game, the developers of Gears Tactics are going to provide the players a new awareness regarding the control and direction of their troops. It seems that the fans are going to enjoy the new game strategy in the form of Gears Tactics a lot.

The Story of the Game

The story is revolving around Gabe Diaz, who is a soldier, and the name is quite familiar as he is the father of Kate Diaz. The fans have already met with Kate Diaz in the Gears 5 as she was protagonist in the game.  The Story of Gears Tactics is very engaging and will provide an insight into the life of Kate revealing about her origins. The players who have already played Gears 5 are well acquainted with Kate Diaz and knowing that she is struggling to know about her identify along with grappling with more strong forces than her. In the Story of Gears Tactics, the players will see Gabe fighting against the powerful and malicious guy Ukkan. Gabe will carry his fight with the help of his squadmates, and the players will find many new twists and turns in the story. Moreover, the most exciting thing is the use of the voice of Noshir Dalal for Gabe in the Story, and the sound is familiar because he has given his voice earlier to Charles Smith, the lead character of Red Redemption 2.

The Weapons and Meta Game

The players will find Gears Tactics featuring the mechanics of light role-playing video games, which is rewarding for the players if they are completing their challenges while spending more time the game. The players will earn a lot of abilities and skills while completing the challenges, along with getting rewards. The game is divided into 30 skills, and five classes, and each player will have his signature weapon.

The players can augment and enhance the weapons includes armor, too, with new skills and stats as each of the arms has been provided with adjustment slots. The players can earn an entire squad as a reward if they will perform the terrible finishing moves successfully as such, ripping apart your foes by using the chainsaw. The trademark weapons include grenades that were used in Gears of Wars are also there on the main series of the game. The players can add some more members in their squads, some of which may appear with exceptional tone and abilities. Furthermore, it is worth noting here that the game is a Single-player. Still, the developers have featured on the most critical aspects of the game.

The Length of the Campaign and the tactics involved

The players can play the game for 25 hours if they have set the middle level of difficulty; however, the game provides a lot of replay options. In addition to this, the Ironman mode of the game will give the players a lot of challenges for taking up and completing. Apart from these, the veteran mode of the game will provide the players a lot of missions along with modifiers such as penalties, bonuses, and other objectives to fulfill that will get the rewards. The players can take the extended tasks for getting the rarest and most significant weapons while leveling up their squad. It becomes crucial for the players to know that there is no micro-transaction in the win. In simple terms, the players cannot pay to win. They will need to earn the rewards by unlocking the gameplay and completing the combats

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