Geek Squad subscription cancellation process

How can you cancel your Geek Squad subscription?

When using the Geek Squad subscription plan, you are eligible for various benefits such as asking for unlimited tech support, availing of the discount on your repair and protection plans, and having internet security software for free. But at any instance, if you feel like how do I cancel my Geek Squad subscription, then refer to the title beneath.

Procedure to cancel Geek Squad subscription

After getting the subscription, if you want to know about the cancellation process, here is the guide. You can take the reference and cancel the flight.

Cancel via call

You can cancel your subscription by using the Geek Squad authenticated phone number. But a list of a few things can be needed during the call.

  • While making the call, have the original receipt of your subscription plan.
  • When your call gets connected, select the cancel plan IVR option carefully.
  • After that, describe your issue to the customer service and that you are here to cancel the plan.
  • When your plan gets canceled, then ask them for a refund.

When your process is complete, you will receive the refund number on the email address and phone number provided at the subscription time.

Cancel via visiting a store

If you cannot get through the customer service through the call, you can visit the official store of Geek Squad, and there you can request the cancel subscription plan. By visiting the store, you also have to carry the receipt of your subscription plan.

Hence, these are the ways you can cancel your Geek Squad subscription, and after completion of your cancelation process, you might have to wait for 60 days to receive a refund. But for security, you can also get to the customer support of Geek Squad.

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