Gen X Sandwich Care Giver CBD Products

The sandwich generation refers to a group of young, middle-aged youths who care for their aging parents and children, whether financially, physically, or emotionally.


Statistics show that more than one in 10 parents in the United States also cares for an adult, thereby spending about 3 hours each day on caregiving duties between their children and parents.

Being a sandwich generation caregiver has become even more pressing during the Covid 19 pandemic, with elderly parents needing new forms of care.

Sandwich generation care can be expensive and also exhaustive. Juggling between providing care for your children and work is never an easy task.

Physical Effect Of Sandwich Caregiving On The Body 

So much attention is placed on the stress, and emotional toll sandwich caregiving can take. But what about the physical aspects of it?

Sandwich caregivers develop musculoskeletal injuries because of the physical exertion required to take care of someone else.

If you are a sandwich caregiver, there are times you would need to assist an elderly parent physically. Whether with getting them in the shower, getting them from a chair, or transferring them in and out of a car, the physical tolls on the body can be quite disturbing.

Sandwich caregivers may suffer pain around their:

  • Wrist and hands:The continual use of the hands and wrists in physically caring for a loved one can cause the wearing and tearing and also acute tendonitis.
  • Upper back: This may include pains around the upper spine and shoulders and neck
  • Lower back: Heavy lifting from sandwich caregiving duties can cause strained muscles to become inflamed, leading to aching, pain, and stiffness.
  • Hips 
  • Knees and feet 

Remedy Plus Partners with Hope Tree Village 

 As one of the foremost CBD brands in the United States, Remedy Plus has entered into a partnership agreement with Hope Tree Village LLC, a project designed to support the Sandwich Caregiver population.

The collaboration seeks to educate the Hope Tree Village audience on the benefits of CBD and to provide Sandwich Caregivers with discounted Remedy Plus CBD products.

The company’s high-quality CBD products are made in California, USA, and are intended to bring families back together again.

Best Sandwich Caregiver CBD Products Online 

Remedy Plus has an exciting collection of the best sandwich caregiver CBD products online. They include:

  • Remedy Plus Pain Relief Balm 500mg: If you want to buy Gen X Sandwich Caregiver CBD products with a difference, look no further than Remedy Plus relief balm. It is formulated to provide relief from body pain and sores. At $41.99, this relief balm comes with a cooling sensation that soothes your skin.
  • Remedy Plus Soothing Pain Relief Spray 1000mg: This soothing pain relief spray easily stands out among the best Sandwich Caregiver products online. It is ideal for back and neck pain and also overall muscle tension. Remedy Plus soothing pain spray relies on the natural properties of pain spray to relieve muscle aches and pains in multigenerational families.
  • Remedy Plus Daily Heath Tincture 500mg: This health tincture is formulated for anxiety, pain, and inflammation.

Buy Gen X Sandwich Caregiver CBD products at Remedy Plus and experience CBD shopping at its finest.


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