Gen Z Is Changing the Workforce: How to Attract and Retain Them

The employment market in the Austin area serves as a decent microcosm for the evolving global marketplace. It is vibrant, innovative, competitive, and tech industry-centric. The IT staffing Austin businesses rely on to innovate and thrive is responding by seeking out tomorrow’s top talent from among the young, vibrant, and emerging workforce. Specifically, that means an increased focus on Generation Z (Gen Z). It’s a trend that every business, whether based in Texas’s Silicon Hills or not, is going to have to embrace to lay the groundwork for continued success.

overtime-pay-rules-600x400So what’s the key to finding, attracting, hiring, and retaining Gen Z? It turns out to be a combination of the old and the new.

Why You Want Gen Z Talent

Businesses are looking to recruit from Gen Z for the same reasons businesses have always attempted to attract members of the young, up-and-coming workforce. Younger candidates tend to be dynamic, eager to work, and engaged.

Additionally, like the generations preceding them, they are more likely to be intimately familiar with the most recent technological, social, and cultural trends. These are extremely important factors for businesses that are going to be marketing to that same demographic. Gen Z talent may be young, but they are true digital natives. They’re the first generation to truly grow up with smartphones, which means they are immersed in all the advantages and pitfalls of digital innovations.

How to Find, Attract, and Retain Them

Gen Z being the most tech-literate and likely the most tech-engaged generation is something of a double-edged sword. Not only does it mean that they are reachable through smartphones and social media platforms. It also means they’re used to dealing with and usually tired of the online employment paradigm. It’s frustrating to have your resume ignored by resume-aggregating algorithms and bots due to some esoteric and often unknowable keyword-matching system. As such, members of Gen Z and those looking to employ them are increasingly turning to the guaranteed human-interaction dynamic of recruiting agencies.

The best recruiting agencies will possess a thorough understanding of what Gen Z candidates look for in an employer, and what kinds of workplace cultures inspire them. These candidates seek out features such as an understanding of the importance of physical and mental health, workplace trust and flexibility, an appreciation of work-life balance, culture fit, and an emphasis on positive and encouraging work environments. Finding a staffing agency Austin for reliable recruiting results will enable employers to access to Gen Z talent early. Gen Z talent is worth investing in. It won’t be long until Gen Z becomes the next most powerful market force, both as consumers and as employees, so bringing them into the workforce of a modern company is only going to become a higher priority as time goes on.

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