General Precautions To Observe While Servicing Garage Door

A garage door is installed so your home can get an extra level of protection. It is important to maintain the door in perfect condition. Regular service is important. To perform this task, it is advisable to hire a professional team.


Experts are aware of following a standard procedure when carrying out this task. They ensure that all safety measures are observed. You can hire the best garage doors Lexington KY team if you expect good results.


  • Doors that are not maintained do not offer the best protection
  • It is important to ensure proper safety gears are used during servicing
  • Always ensure you keep children and pets away during service and maintenance


There are a set of instructions that you can follow. This is considered standard practice so accidents can be avoided.


  • Keep children away


Any garage door is installed with a powerful door opener. This mechanism can pose a serious threat if not handled perfectly. The moment you dismantle the garage door, always ensures that the door opener is kept in a safe place.


Always try and keep the children away from the door opener. It can be dangerous to play with any type of garage door opener. Always keep the remote device away as well so kids cannot access the garage door.


  • Be prepared


When servicing the garage door, an emergency may happen at any instance of time. You need to be prepared in advance. If you hire an expert team, then they are always well-prepared for handling all types of emergencies.


Always ensure that you have access to the safety kit. In case of an accident always ensure that you have someone watching you. If an accident happens, you may need immediate medical attention.


  • Take precautions


Taking extra precautions is never bad. It helps you stay alert before things go wrong and out of control. If the garage door is completely dismantled then it is advisable to avoid stepping on it. This can be dangerous.


There are chances that the spring of the garage door is tense. If you step on it, the spring could release tension immediately. This can lead to an accident. You can always allow the professional garage doors Lexington KY team to handle the garage door during maintenance.


  • Check the gears


Regular inspection of the garage door is essential. The movable parts of the garage door should be checked and maintained every month. If you use the garage door, then it has to be greased.


It is thus advisable to inspect the rollers, gears, springs and other movable parts of the door. It is also important to inspect the channel and cables. Inspect if the gears are working perfectly.


  • Auto reverse test


This certainly is one of the features that might be present in a few selected garage doors. Some of the garage doors might have an auto-reverse function. This function is common if the garage door is connected to the motorized control system.


This feature allows users to reverse the motion of the garage door when being operated. You should always check if this feature is functional or not. You should also take care of your hands when carrying out the maintenance.


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