Generic Zyrtec: Remedy Against Allergic Symptoms

Generic Zyrtec is remedy listed as an antihistamine. An antihistamine is a medicine that can be used against symptoms of allergies. The active component of this drug is cetirizine hydrochloride which can effectively alleviate itchy skin, consistent sneezing,runny nose, or watery eyes. These are some symptoms that may also be associate with hay feveror other possible allergies. For example, molds or dust mite allergies. The chief efficacious ingredient of this medicine is called cetirizine hydrochloride. There other generic form of this ingredient available.

How Generic Zyrtec Works?

Generic Zyrtec is listed as an antihistamine medicine which means that it has the potential to inhibit histamine. Histamine is a bodily substance that gets formed as a result of exposure to any allergic substance. So, by inhibiting histamine it can avert the symptoms of allergies and that what it exactly does. The main ingredient of the medicine, Cetirizine is composed to prevent the synthesis of Histamine in the body which helps avoid symptoms of allergies.

Remember that this medicine cannot prevent hives neither treat allergic reactions occurring in the body. For example, it cannot stop anaphylaxis. Such conditions are best dealt with by taking medicines prescribed by a doctor. Doctors generally prescribe epinephrine or other similar medicines, which cannot be substituted by Cetirizine.

How to use Generic Zyrtec?

Do not avoid reading the leaflet provided with the medicine as it contains important cautionary information. This is especially important if you are buying the medicine over the counter. It is ideal to take this medicine as per doctor’s instructions.

The medicine is best administered orally with water. You should not chew, break, or crush the tablet before swallowing it. If you are buying the medicine in rapid dissolving form, then allow the tablet to dissolve in your mouth before you swallow it.

Precautionary measures for Generic Zyrtec:

You should consult your doctor in prior and understand whether you may develop allergies to any of the components in the drug. In case you are allergic to components such as hydroxyzine or levocetirizine, this will help you avoid adversities. You should tell your doctor about other allergies you have or any existing health conditions.

Before taking this medicine, it is a wise decision to talk to your regular doctor. This will help you identify whether the medicine may react to any other drug you are taking or is suitable for your health based on your medical history. This is especially applicable for expecting and lactating mothers.

Side Effects of Generic Zyrtec:

There some side effects that may occur after taking this Zyrtec Generic. Take this medicine in a safe setting for the first time. Some other side effects of the drug are:

• drowsiness

• tiredness

• fatigue

• stomach issues

• constipation

• dryness of mouth

• soreness in throat

• consistent coughing

• nausea and queasiness

• pain in the head

If the medicine causes side effect such as, dizziness or sleepiness, avoid driving or other such risky activity. To avoid side-effects, take the medicine as instructed by the doctor.

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