Genshin Impact: How to Open Hidden Palace of the Guizang Formula

Genshin Impact is packed with a wide variety of bonuses, challenges, and hidden rewards. However, most of the Abyssal Domains of Genshin Impact are known as Hidden Palace of the Guizang Formula, and it is also packed with tons of rewards. Players playing Genshin Impact are now fully aware of the procedure to earn the rewards and resources. Usually, Abyssal Domains are not unlocked because several cryptic puzzles protect them. Even if the players know the dungeon, they still need to pass the puzzle to move further.

To obtain any hidden item, the first players have to find the specific item’s exact location. In Genshin Impact, plenty of hidden items are available, and they all are located at different locations. Some dungeons can be easily located, while some dungeons are difficult to find. Usually, the difficult dungeons offer big rewards, and that’s why it is necessary to know the exact location of the Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula.

Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula Location

The first step toward solving a puzzle is to find it. Abyssal Domain is an essential part of the Genshin Impact. It will not be available until you hit the Adventure Rank 30 for exploring Voyage to the Sanguine Sky domain and Adventure Rank 30 for exploring Travels of the Moon lit Venturer domain. After hitting a relevant Adventure Rank, start your journey to find Luhua Pool with a minimum of one Pyro character at the party.

Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula Puzzle Solution

After reaching the ruins in the center of the lake, you’ll see some letters. Read those letters to solve the upcoming puzzle task. The writing speaks, “Let anyone who follows in the footsteps of the immortals kowtow before the treasure’s gate.” Right in front, you’ll see a magical seal that is surrounded by multiple Pyro pillars.

Usually, players have to light up the puzzles for the solution, but things will be slightly different. You have to activate the three of them at the place, but the rest is up to you which one you hit. This pillar puzzle is different from all other puzzles, and that’s why some players might face some trouble there. However, the solution is pretty simple.

You need to activate the entire unbroken Pyro pillars. The unbroken Pyron pillars are in front of stone pillars. Simply hit those three pillars, and light will come out of the ring. Soon the magical seal will be wiped out, and then the entrance of Abyssal Domain will open.

After entering the Abyssal Domain, you can find incredible hidden rewards. The special thing about hidden rewards is that it can’t be obtained through any other methods. Indeed, Wishes, quests, and Battle Pass offer incredible rewards, but hidden rewards are one of its kind. The majority of players depend on Wishes, Battle Pass, and quests to obtain the rewards. However, if any player wants to obtain hidden rewards, they have to maintain their Adventure Rank.


The highest numbers of players of Genshin Impact are Mobile and PC gamers. In both platforms, the number of online players is huge, and it’s a positive sign for the developers. In a single game, players have to focus and maintain several things like Adventure Rank, resource discovery, and bonuses. To get rewards quickly, Battle Pass is the best option that can be purchased by real currency.

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