Get A Full Mouth Restoration For Your Dental Health

If you suffer from missing teeth and want to get a full mouth restoration, you have many options. The first step to full mouth restoration Oakhurst NJ is evaluating your dental records. Your dentist will take x-rays, impressions, and photos of both your upper and lower teeth to determine what your best option is. Your dentist will then go over the details of the procedure with you, including the benefits and drawbacks of each option, as well as the possible procedural risks.

Treatment options for full mouth reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction involves various dental procedures, all of which aim at reconstructing your smile to its former glory. In many cases, the first step is to treat any dental infection that may have affected the surrounding gum tissues. Infections within gum tissue can weaken the structure of the gums, leading to tooth loss. Further, infection in the bloodstream can affect neighbouring teeth and even your heart, causing various health problems.

Some patients need full mouth reconstruction because they have extensive dental problems that can’t be corrected through simple procedures. These conditions are often the result of trauma, gum disease, or habitual damage. Others need it because of extensive decay or damage from grinding. In severe cases, full mouth reconstruction is a suitable option for patients who are suffering from multiple dental problems and who have exhausted their nonsurgical options. Several procedures may be combined to provide the final result.

full mouth restoration Oakhurst NJ


Full mouth restoration procedures include restoring all or most of your teeth. Most dental procedures charge per tooth, but there are some exceptions, and the cost of full mouth restoration will vary based on the number of teeth restored. If you have several missing teeth, the procedure will cost more, as more teeth will need to be restored. In addition to the number of teeth, geographic location can also impact the cost. If your insurance covers the procedure, check if you can split the cost into several payments.

The cost of full mouth restoration varies, but the average range is around $800 to $1500 per tooth. It will also depend on the specific procedure you choose, and whether it is covered by your dental insurance. In some cases, dental insurance may cover some of the procedure, which can bring the cost down even further. For this reason, full mouth restoration abroad can save you a large amount of money, while still being close to home. For Europeans, Hungary and Poland have been popular destinations for dental implants. India is one of the newest and fastest-growing dental tourism destinations in the world.

Recovery time

The recovery time for full mouth restoration varies, depending on the procedures performed and the patient’s individual healing capacity. The majority of patients can return to normal activities within one to two days. Swelling may be a problem during this period, and medication may help reduce the swelling. Patients should apply cold compresses to the affected area for at least 20 minutes at a time. If swelling doesn’t subside within a week, patients should schedule a follow-up appointment with their dentist.

The recovery time for full mouth reconstruction is a combination of several factors, including the procedure itself and the patient’s healing ability. Generally, though, full mouth reconstruction recovery does not take more than a week, and patients can resume routine activities and basic oral care almost immediately. Any minor side effects typically resolve within a week. If you choose full mouth reconstruction, it is important to remember that you should be gentle afterward.

Financing options

Financing options for full mouth reconstruction are available in various forms. Some people prefer to stage their full mouth restoration Oakhurst NJ. This is not advisable because this will increase your overall treatment costs. Moreover, waiting too long between full mouth reconstruction procedures can result in significant changes in your smile. Hence, it is essential to plan the finances well before undergoing the procedure. However, you should note that full mouth reconstruction costs anywhere from $30K to $90K.

Fortunately, most dental practices accept major credit cards to make payments easier for their patients. In addition, you can leverage your available credit to finance the full mouth rehabilitation procedure. You can also apply for financing through a third party lender if you do not have enough cash to cover the full bill. If you have bad credit, it is still possible to finance the full mouth rehabilitation process. However, the payment schedule is more manageable when the procedure is broken up into instalments.

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