Get A White-labeled Gloriafood Alternative That Helps In Projecting Your Restaurant

The increasing preference for consuming a variety of restaurant-made food coupled with the convenience of getting the door delivery has paved the way for ‘n’ number of food delivery apps. With the increasing number of platform delivery apps, restaurants are suffering a considerable loss, as they have to provide commissions in order to serve customers through the platform delivery apps.

So, to help restaurants operate individually yet get traction from users, at Appdupe, our team has built an alternative to Gloriafood. Do you know what a Gloriafood is? Scroll down to know about Gloriafood and also our replicated version of the same app.

What is Gloriafood – Is it a restaurant delivery app or a platform delivery app?

Gloriafood is exclusive and elite software for restaurants. To be more detailed, Gloriafood is the famous ready-made software for enhancing restaurant businesses. In order to acquire an edge over platform delivery apps and cut down the commission rates provided to those platform delivery apps, Gloriafood like restaurant software can be implemented.

Now, coming to Appdupe’s alternative to Gloriafood, our developers have crafted an impeccable and replication of Gloriafood. The advantage you procure from Appdupe’s Gloriafood alternative is that you can launch this restaurant immediately post the customization phase.

What are the perks you procure with the restaurant software?

If you develop your restaurant software from the Gloriafood alternative, you will definitely save time, which is the first perk. Many other perks are lining up and they are

Business outreach – Generally, standalone restaurants take more time to gain outreach. With this ready-made software, you can immediately launch the app, unveil your menus, discounts and gain reach shortly.

Understand customers – The software has a real-time analytics tool that helps in understanding your customers end-to-end.

Boost sales – Once you acquire outreach, you can understand your customer’s preferences, and provide menu/discounts accordingly, thereby increasing the sales rate.

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