Get a Wide Range of Valuation and Consultation Services from the Roma Group

Roma group is a listed Hong Kong company that is providing a wide spectrum of services such as asset management services, natural resource consultation, property valuation, and much that we are going to discuss in this blog. The company used to provide bespoke solutions to our clients in order to ensure that they can achieve their goals.


Asset management services

Asset management is basically a practice of increasing wealth over time by maintaining, acquiring, and trading the investments that are having the potential to grow in value. By taking the Asset management services from the Roma Group you will get professionals that are fully knowledgeable and experienced that will help you in doing the people management of your assets and also help you in increasing by letting you know about the amount of risk involved so that precautionary steps can be taken on time.


Natural resources consultation

Natural resources consultation is important as it offers affordable, quality, and environmentally sound recommendations and services for making the effective and sustainable management of timber. You must be thinking why you need to hire a consultant? We help you in knowing. The reason for hiring the consultants is that they are the professionals having the qualified knowledge and experience using which they can provide you with the most accurate and reliable solution. These consultants will not only help you in protecting your land but also protect your interest, they will help you in fulfilling your desired goals and objectives.


The consultants of Roma groups consider themselves with two responsibilities, one for the community and the second for the customers. Adapting to the specific needs of the customers and assuring that those needs get fulfilled.


Hong Kong property valuation

Now get the Hong Kong property valuation from the leading company Roma groups. Property valuation is a very useful thing as it helps in knowing the insights of the property to both buyer and the seller. There are various methods available for doing the valuation of the property that can be opted by the professionals according to their convenience and need.


Hong Kong property valuation helps the individuals and organizations in knowing the net worth of their property and also helps in knowing the fair prices of the building, land, and factory.


ESG reporting

ESG reporting is one of the most important things for a company and every company needs a professional who helps the company in knowing about environmental, social, and corporate governance. It helps in knowing about the impact of the business in all these three areas. ESG reporting helps in creating the transparency, accountability, and confidence of the investors in the company. To make the trust of the investors it becomes very important that you transform your values into consistent behaviors which will show your commitment towards good ESG performance.


Know more about us

Roma groups used to provide a high standard of professional services to their customers that includes a wide range of services. The company used to provide its services globally to different parts of the country and provide them with the most satisfactory services.


Get in touch with us

To get in touch with us you can visit our website For the purpose of calling there are two numbers available, one for the Hong Kong head office +852 2529 6878 and for the Singapore office +65 6258 3096. For further queries, you can also mail us at

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