Get an iPhone that is easy to fix this New Year

An iPhone is a prized possession owing to many reasons – advanced technology, sharp design, sophisticated looks and ease of usage. No wonder they come with such hefty price tags. So, this New Year, if you wish to buy one that is not only snazzy but practical too, go for an iPhone that is easy to fix and maintain. This article takes a look at 4 models that are especially popular at the moment. And in case some issue crops up suddenly, like a cracked screen, blurry camera or soundless microphone, reliable centres for iPhone repair near Dwarka can take care of it.

A Few iPhones to Consider for 2021

Apple is a company that never disappoints anyone. Also, it has more options than ever at the moment. Which makes it all the more difficult to zero in on a definite model of smartphone for discerning users. From iPhone SE to iPhone Pro Max, there is an option for everyone. So, since you might feel literally overwhelmed with options, it can get difficult to choose one. But this article will help you to make your choice easier and pick the best one, as per your requirements.

Apple iPhone SE

This model comes with an A13 processor and it performs as efficiently as the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, which costs a few bucks more. SE model also has the smallest screen which is of about 4.7 inches. This is probably the only model which still sticks to the old designs of Apple phones; a home button, thick bezels and a Touch ID for unlocking.


Wireless charging, solid single-lens camera.

However, the battery life isn’t that good, but in case you are looking for an iPhone that doesn’t burn a very big hole in your pocket, this is the one to go for.

Price: Rs. 32,000 onwards.

Apple iPhone 12

If you are thinking of buying an iPhone this year, iPhone 12 is another great option. It has all the features that has been limited to all the Pro models till date. All thanks to the A14 chip, it offers unmatched speed. Also, the camera is a step up from the SE model, as it comes with a main lens and uses the Night mode to brighten up dark scenes.


An OLED display, a 6.1 inch screen, 5G network connection, wide range of colours.

The phone comes with MagSafe that will let you attach any magnetic accessories to the backside of the phone, like a wallet or a wireless charger. A ceramic shield protects the screen. However, unfortunately, the battery life has seen no improvement over its predecessor.

Price: Rs. 79,899 onwards.

Apple iPhone 12 Mini

If you like compact devices, this is the best bet for you! This is the tiniest phone from Apple and is even smaller than iPhone SE. Also, all the features are similar to that of the standard iPhone 12. The size, however, isn’t ideal for watching movies. But if you are surrounded by many screens in your life, having this model can encourage you to put down your phone more often.


5.4 inch screen, Face ID, OLED, 5G, Dual Camera, Wireless Charging, Fast A14 processor.

Also, since the speakers are tiny, the sound might not be as loud as you like!

Price:  Rs. 69,000 onwards.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max (the ultimate iPhone!)

If you wish to experience the best of camera features and budget isn’t a restriction for you, this is the model that you should opt for this year! Specifically, this model comes with a larger image sensor and has better stabilised technology, which makes the camera click some stunning images. Even the low-light photographs look astonishing if you click them with this phone. Both iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max come with telephoto cameras, but the latter can zoom a little bit more than the Pro series.


Lidar scanner, 6.7-inch screen, excellent OLED screens, stainless steel body, Apple’s new ProRAW format for greater editing capacities, 5G, water resistance, and HDR video capture.

This is the largest iPhone till date, and also, the battery life is a bit better than its predecessors. However, if you do not like a bigger phone, you can still go with the iPhone 12 Pro series.

Price:  Rs. 1,29,000 onwards.


So, now that you know about some of the best iPhone models you can buy this year, what are you waiting for? Do some research and compare these models based on your needs to take a call. And remember, no matter which model you finally choose, an iPhone, like any other machine, is prone to damages and malfunction. In such a scenario, always take your device to a trusted centre for iPhone repair near Dwarka. They will have skilled technicians who can fix the issue in a short while and the right way, so that your device becomes as good as new.

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