Get Car Serviced Before Undergoing MOT Test

Our staff of skilled mechanics are fully qualified to perform complete tests at Car Service Stockport and are on hand to correct any issues with your vehicle. We have a deep understanding of most of the automobiles as a German vehicle specialist garage. We will do any work or repairs with parts that belong to your car to ensure its authenticity.

Driving a car without a valid MOT is unlawful, so book your car into our garage and have it inspected by one of our professionals before receiving any fixed penalty notice. We can deliver original equipment components to our customers, ensuring that your warranty is never jeopardised. We do MOTs and repairs on all German makers and models, including Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, and Mini Cooper. Service fees begin at £65, and don’t forget about our price match guarantee to ensure you receive the best offer!

Our mechanics are fully aware of the needs of their customers. In addition to that, they are highly capable of performing a wide range of services to an industry-leading standard. Whether your car merely has the MOT or requires remapping, body repairs, or tyre replacement, we will ensure that all work gets completed on time and at a reasonable cost.

Why do you need an MOT?

If your vehicle is three years old or older, you must have an annual safety inspection (Ministry of Transport test), also known as an MOT Test, performed by law. The goal of an MOT is to guarantee that your vehicle fulfils the legal minimum safety criteria.

As the registered keeper, it is your obligation to guarantee that your car undergoes and passes an MOT test every twelve months as required by law; otherwise, you will be unable to lawfully drive your vehicle or renew your road tax. A substantial punishment is in order if your MOT certificate is out of date. The lack of an MOT would also hinder any insurance claims, especially in the case of injury, because they may claim your car was not roadworthy.

How long does it take to get an MOT and service?

MOT testing typically takes 45 minutes to an hour, whereas services take one and a half to three hours. That indicates that the average time is between 45 minutes and four hours. However, because each vehicle is unique, the time it takes to service your automobile may be significantly shorter or longer, depending on whether it passes with flying colours or requires new parts and costly repairs.

We may require you to send off your vehicle first thing in the morning, and we will contact you once the operation is entirely finished.

Is it legal to drive a car to a garage without an MOT?

If your MOT certificate shows no serious defects, you can drive a car to a garage without an MOT. Driving your car anywhere other than an MOT test centre is strictly prohibited. It is, however, unlawful to drive if your MOT has a serious deficiency, and if detected, you will likely face a number of fines.

What happens if it doesn’t work?

You are not obligated to get your vehicle repaired at the vehicle test station if it fails its MOT. Upon failure, the people can vouch for car service before taking the MOT retest. However, getting the car service Stockport prior to the test is highly advised.

How is MOT Stockport different?

When the vehicle undergoes servicing, it is firstly scanned for any major faults. Afterwards, the mechanic manually checks for any minor issues. On finding any problem with the car, servicing is thoroughly done.

Moreover, it can be in relation to servicing the parts.

Such as lubrication of the engine, wheel alignment, tyre-fitting, tyre air pressure, brakes and suspension system, refilling the fuel tank and much more.

On the contrary, MOT is a test issued by the ministry of transportation. It ensures the safety of the driver as well as of the other on-road vehicles. This test is to certify whether the vehicle has permission to operate or not.

Driving a vehicle which is not MOT certified can be dangerous. Below are some of the situations which

might arise upon driving a non MOT certified vehicle:

• Tyre related problems can get you stuck anywhere, irrespective of the time.
• Engine failure can occur, which will completely disable the car.
• Disturbed brakes and suspension systems can lead to road accidents.
• Imagine going on a family trip in the mountains, and suddenly the vehicle is going in different directions.

This can happen due to wheel misalignment.

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