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HIV AIDS is one of the few deadly diseases that have been declared an epidemic. And it is mainly because this disease is very dangerous. But this does not mean that the people suffering from this health problem should be left alone.

Since people do not have the correct information about HIV, they don’t treat people dealing with this disease in the right way. In short- there are several stigmas revolving around HIV. That’s why it becomes important to have stigma HIV reduction associations that can educate people.

But thankfully, there are a few non-profitable organizations that are working on this. There are actually some organizations that want to help people stay aware about HIV so that they don’t act on rumors and stigmas. Moreover, it is done so that the families of HIV patients can live freely in society. Now, you might think that since there are already such organizations that are helping for betterment, what we are trying to say.

We know organizations, like yours, are working but there is something that is stopping them and i.e. limited funding. Since these are non-profit organizations, they need sufficient funds to organize events and educate people. But as most of the funding corporate companies do not support the HIV stigma reduction cause, the funding options are limited. Besides this, there is one more problem. The lack of quality of grants is another thing that is stopping the non-profitable organizations.

However, we have managed to get some good news. There are a few corporate businesses that are funding the HIV stigma reduction cause. So if you or someone you know works in a non-profitable organization and are looking for funding, Gilead Compass Initiative® can help. For grant-related details, click here.

It is a trusted and reputed initiative that is started by Gilead Sciences, Inc. This initiative mainly focuses on Gilead HIV treatment and HIV stigma reduction. Gilead Compass Initiative® is a 10-year, $100 million commitment and it has helped several non-profitable organizations in Southern America.

This initiative offers training and amazing opportunities to different organizations with its COMPASS Coordinating Centers. If you are interested in getting help from Gilead Compass Initiative®, all you have to do is visit its official website. After that, you can check how this initiative can help you and also, how you can apply for funding.

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Gilead Compass Initiative® is a trusted initiative that offers Gilead HIV meds.

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